"Demi God" Chloe Aubert「クロエ・オ・ベル, Kuroe O Beru」is one of the key characters in Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. She is one of the reasons, if not the reason, for many of the interactions between the influential characters in the series such as Veldora's encounter with Rimuru and Shizue's summoning.

Chloe Aubert is a legendary hero who imprisoned Veldora. Specializing in many time-related skills, her past actions greatly impact the events in the story.


Child Form

As a child, Chloe was a cute, delicate, and quiet girl who usually has an indifferent look and a positive atmosphere.

She has black hair, black eyes, and wears a simple pink frock covered by a black cloak that signifies her studentship in the Freedom Academy.

Her hair is kept free and reaches just about her waist while the bangs beside her eyes are cut in a rectangular shape.

Adult Form

Due to her evolution into a Demi God, her appearance changed to a girl appearing in her twenties.

As an adult, Chloe has the features of a beautiful girl. Her hair is shorter and tied in a ponytail. However, her face still contains the original essence of a delicate and quiet girl.



She is Leon Cromwell's childhood friend and both of them were caught in the accidental occurrence of a dimensional distortion. However, they were immediately separated when Chloe was summoned by Yuuki Kagurazaka into the future.

Leon would desperately search for her by summoning girls who look like her, summoning Shizue in the process. Chloe would later release Shizue from Leon. After her release, Shizue would go on to raise up Yuuki Kagurazaka and Hinata Sakaguchi as well as the five summoned children in S class (Kenya, Ryouta, Gale, Alice, and Chloe herself).

In the past when Veldora attacked a human city as well as Ruminas, Chloe was dispatched to defeat him. She ends up imprisoning Veldora in her Endless Prison. This would lead to Rimuru befriending Veldora after finding him imprisoned and, having saved Ruminas, the formation of the Saint Monster Alliance.


Chloe makes her first actual appearance when Rimuru visits S Class in the Ingracia Kingdom. She stays quiet and reserved, but, like the rest of the students, becomes more open to Rimuru after he defeats them in battle and saves them from their impending doom.

During the spirit summoning when Chloe began to pray, her future self appeared and attempted to kiss Rimuru. Being a ghost, the kiss had no texture and she flew off and merged with Chloe, stabilizing Chloe's magicules. Chloe later cried with the rest of the students while bidding Rimuru goodbye.

In her next appearance, she is under the control of Yuuki's skill "The Order of Three". She kills Hinata and then merges with her. They go to the past and awaken a hero seed. Chloe visits Ruminas and the holy knights the Holy Empire Ruberios to explain her situation. Hinata is successfully removed from her and revived. Afterward, she leaves to go back to Yuuki's side in fear of a sudden order to attack her allies.

Later on, when Leon ambushes Yuuki, she sits by and watches. She is unable to support Leon as Yuuki's first order was for her to not interfere with him. As Yuuki saw her as a trump card, even while he was getting overwhelmed by Leon, he didn't use an order. During the fight, one of Leon's knights, Claude, was successfully controlled by Yuuki using Overwrite. After Leon blasted Claude back, Chloe accepted Yuuki's request to heal Claude. As Chloe did it out of her own free will, it did not consume an order. Unbeknownst to Yuuki, Chloe healed Claude with time magic. This freed Claude from Overwrite. After Yuuki's trump card failed, he fled without consuming another order.

After fleeing, Chloe visited the Eastern Empire with Yuuki. During her time there, she observed Yuuki's actions and successfully helped Claude escape back to Leon. Shortly before the empire's final attack, Yuuki's plan for a coup d'état was exposed and he was assassinated by Kondo and Damrada. However, it was revealed that Yuuki's second order for Chloe was to revive him if he died. After the empire fell and Yuuki obtained the ultimate skill Justice King Michael, Chloe received her final order. The order was to prevent Guy Crimson from interfering with Yuuki's plans.

Before intercepting Guy, Chloe had a chat with Rimuru at Tempest and visited Leon. In Tempest, she had a duel with Rimuru which ended in a draw.

Afterward, she headed to Guy's palace and fought him. As the order was to only prevent Guy from interfering, Rimuru set up an agreement for both of them to fight half-heartedly until he could successfully remove the curse. During their duel, Velda attempted to control Velzado as his Ultimate Skill Justice King Michael allowed him to control anyone with an Ultimate Skill of the Virtue Series. Velzado, having Patience King Gabriel, was successfully controlled and joined the battle. Her plan was to quickly dispose of Chloe before facing Guy one on one, but she quickly realized that Chloe as much stronger than anticipated and acknowledged Chloe as her opponent. The 3-way duel was intercepted by Velgrynd who began fighting Velzado, allowing Chloe and Guy to continue their fake duel. The duel would once again be intercepted by Manas: Lucia who used Justice King Michael to control Velgrynd, as she had Charity King Raguel and possessed Chloe, who had Hope King Sariel. The battle turned into a 3 on 1 against Guy before it was intercepted for the 4th time by Veldora and Rimuru, the latter of which, while not there in person, supported by evolving Velgrynd's Ultimate Skill Charity King Raguel into Flame God Cthugha. With her Virtue Series Ultimate Skill gone, Velgrynd was freed from Manas: Lucia's control and continued her battle against Velzado. Guy began working to release Velzado from Manas: Lucia's control leaving Veldora to fight Chloe. After Velzado was freed, it is revealed that Chloe freed herself by merging with Manas: Chronoa. Upon releasing Manas: Chronoa, Yuuki's curse was instantly destroyed and upon merging, Hope King Sariel disappeared into Chloe's heart. As such, she was freed and immediately killed the part of Manas: Lucia who was possessing her with Absolute End.

Afterward, she headed towards Velda with Guy, Veldora, Velzado, and Velgrynd. After Rimuru arrived, she watched with everyone else as Rimuru dueled against Velda and then Yuuki.

At the end of the series, she drinks tea with Rimuru.

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