Abilities and Gears
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She is a master swordsman. Chloe's swordsmanship has reached their peak, she is very formidable. her skill is beyond that of Albert and Agera. When she combines her swordsmanship and her time-stopping ability (from Ultimate Skills Space-Time King Yog Sothoth) she could easily become one of the strongest on par with Rimuru Tempest and Guy Crimson.

Current Skills


  • Manas: Chronoa: This is actually Chloe herself. She sealed all her negative emotions which was later released due to the erasing of Infinite Prison. It completely fused with her and created a complete Chloe.

Ultimate Skills

  • Space-Time God Yog Sothoth Hortz (formed after Chloe and Manas: Chronoa fused together).

Former Skills

Ultimate Skills

  • Space-Time King Yog Sothoth: can turn back time to some degree (heal wounds before they were inflicted)
  • Hope King Sariel (formed from the fusion of Usurper, Mathematician, Absolute Severance, and Infinite Prison).

Unique Skills

  • Usurper: received from Hinata Sakaguchi.
  • Mathematician: received from Hinata Sakaguchi.
  • Infinite Prison:
  • Absolute Severance:
  • Time Travel: The power to do a limited leap to the past. It's a one-way trip, and the conditions to use this ability are complicated and its use is limited.
  • Absolute Defense:
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