Chloe Aubert (クロエ・オベール kuroe obēru) is a Summoned Otherworlder and a student of the Freedom Academy.


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Chloe is an introverted girl, who likes to pass her time reading picture books or manga. While she appears rather cold and stoic most of the time, appearing brutal and merciless even, she can also be very emotional at times.


Chloe had been summoned by one of the Western nations, but because she couldn't manifest a Unique Skill as a child, she seemed to be doomed to die like many other Summoned children due to overflow of the energy that's supposed to be formed into a Unique Skill. That's why, despite having a very high amount of innate Magicules for a Human, she was sent to the Freedom Academy due to her low life-expectancy.

In the Academy's S-Class, alongside Kenya Misaki, Ryota Sekiguchi, Gale Gibson, and Alice Rondo, she and her classmates were first taught by Shizue Izawa, who tried to find a solution to her and her classmates' issue of certain death. After Shizue went on a journey, Chloe and her classmates got other teachers assigned, but the class rejected all those teachers and their class became known as troublemakers.

Over a year later, Rimuru Tempest became the teacher of the class, and he eventually brought the class to the Dwelling of Spirits to fix the issue with the overflowing energy of the children. While the other children got united with Greater Spirits, Chloe got united with an unknown Spiritual Body from the future instead, which turns out to be Manas: Chronoa from a different timeline. As a result, Chloe gains some memories of herself from the other timeline, though none of Manas: Chronoa's memories. In addition, her state of overflowing energy gets fixed like with her classmates and they are no longer in mortal danger. When Rimuru returns home, Chloe holds back her emotions and lets Rimuru go without raising a fuss. Rimuru leaves her the Anti-Magic Mask and gives her and her classmates new clothes sewn by Shuna, then Rimuru returns to Tempest.

Sometime later, Chloe and her classmates get invited to the Tempest Founding Festival, where they enjoy themselves.



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