Charys (カリス karisu) formerly known as Ifrit is a greater spirit; the ruler of flames which was sealed within Shizue Izawa by Demon Lord Leon Cromwell.[1]

He was defeated and captured by Rimuru Tempest until he later on released and made to be Veldora Tempest's assistant.[2]


He used to live in Dwelling of the Spirit before he was stolen by the "Platinum Devil" Leon Cromwell.[3] After that, he was sealed within Shizue Izawa. As a result of this, it gave Shizue an extended lifespan. 



Ifrit managed to overpower Shizu's mask and rampaged around Rimuru's newly built village until he was eventually defeated and eaten by Rimuru.[4]

Up until Majin Behind The Scenes

Inside of Rimuru's stomach, he was saved by Veldora to become his conversation partner. They started commentating on the happenings around Rimuru's life from inside the stomach and eventually started bonding and became friends.[5]

Hero Awakening

At the behest of Veldora, Rimuru restored the flame spirit with a physical body, while Veldora granted him the name "Charys," based on the magical core of Charybdis his new body was created from. Through both the combination of his powerfully crafted physical body and the name he was granted, he evolves into a "Flame Lord" his strength now surpassing an unawakened demon lord. He then started to serves as Veldora’s assistant within the Labyrinth.[2]


Shizue Izawa: Ifrit seems to regret his failed connection with his former host. Thinking that at the time, their ideologies were opposed despite sharing a sense of duty.[2][5]

Veldora Tempest: Ifrit met Veldora inside a separate space inside Rimuru after he consumed him using Predator.[4] Ifrit seems to respect Veldora as his power is far greater than his. They would gradually grow a bond together while conversing and playing games inside of Rimuru's stomach and eventually became good friends.[5]

Later, Veldora, with the assistance of Rimuru, restores Ifrit and grants him the name "Charys." From then on, he continues to serve Veldora as his assistant within the Labyrinth.[2]


Charys as Ifrit was a greater spirit with a rank that of Special A.

A maelstrom of flames surrounds the Flame Giant, protecting it at all times. The heat of these flames are so intense that an attack like Rimuru's water blade evaporates before it even makes contact.

After being named and evolved, his magicules exploded and is said to be greater than unawakened demon lords such as Frey or Carrion.




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