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This article is about the anime episode titled "Charybdis". You may be looking for Charybdis the monster or the manga chapter.

Charybdis (暴風大妖渦(カリュブディス) Karyubudisu) is the nineteenth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Assisted by 100 Pegasus Knights from Dwargon, Rimuru's forces destroy the Megalodons and attempt to destroy Charybdis with a full-scale attack, but fail. Rimuru then battles Charybdis himself, only to discover it is possessing Phobio, and its true target is Milim. By Rimuru's request, Milim defeats Charybdis while sparing Phobio's life. After the battle, Phobio apologizes for all the trouble he caused, and his master, the Demon Lord Carrion, establishes a non-aggression pact with Jura Tempest. Rimuru and the others finally discover that all the troubles they had faced recently were caused by Clayman's harlequin.

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Benimaru opens the attack on Charybdis' familiars with a Black Flame; even though Benimaru does manage to burn it to a crisp it is still alive. The Great Sage attributes it to Charybdis's unique skill Magic Jamming. Rimuru commands his forces to stick to the plan, divide the enemy up and strike. Geld successfully baits one into ground combat and his subordinates follow up with a failed attack, luckily Gabiru follows up with a save.

Elsewhere Dwargon's Pegasus knights are fighting one of the megalodons while Hakurou coordinates Gobta's Goblin Riders to fight a second. Souei's forces in the meantime successfully corral and turn the fly sharks against each other. Milim once again asks to join in on the fighting though Rimuru tells her not to, even successfully weathering her puppy dog eyes in the process.

Shion and Ranga team up to take flight and wipe out the last of the Megalodons leaving only Charybdis left to confront. Several of Rimuru's subordinates jump onto the airborne leviathan while others attack at range. Although Great Sage tries to provide information on it Rimuru tells it to be quiet unless it can tell him how to defeat it. Charybdis soon busts out its trump card, blasting its scales off of itself and using them to launch an attack against Rimuru's forces.

Though Ranga, Souei, and Shion prepare a suicide charge against Charybdis Rimuru stops them, revealing his new trump card ability Gluttony. The skill is a fusion of his Predator and The Orc Lord's Starved that immediately devours all of the projectile scales. As Charybdis prepares a second volley of projectile Scales Rimuru orders everyone to fall back, regroup and ready a second strike.

After an entire day of continuously striking Charybdis, all of Rimuru's forces are badly injured and exhausted while the spirit is only about 30% damaged. However, as Rimuru is flying by the spirit he hears it cursing Milim. Realizing this has nothing to do with him, Veldora or the Jura Tempest Federation Rimuru goes to get Milim to finish the spirit off.

Milim immediately deduces that Charybdis has taken Phobio as a host so Rimuru asks that she avoid killing Carrion's envoy. Once freed of the spirit's control Rimuru separates it from Phobio's body. Once awake, and once he stops apologizing, Phobio explains that he got the information on Charybdis's location from two clowns named Tear and Footman.

Gabiru, Treyni, and Benimaru all confirm that they've had run-ins with the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, in all cases they were working with Gelmud during the Orc Lord Incident. Based on their information Rimuru concludes the group as a mysterious jack of all trades group that gets others to do their dirty work for them towards an as of yet unknown goal.

Milim suspects that Clayman is responsible for the Clowns actions. Regardless Phobio blames only himself for his actions and gladly throws himself at Rimuru's mercy. Neither the Slime or Milim, however, wish to exact vengeance. However, Carrion, who has been retrieved by Phobio's subordinates when they learned what he intended to do, arrives on seen and face plants Phobio as an apology to Rimuru.

Accepting the Demon Lord's apology Rimuru asks for a nonaggression and trade pact with Carrion, who accepts as he carries the now once again heavily wounded Phobio off through a teleport. Having run out of things threatening them that evening, Rimuru tells his subordinates they can all go home now.








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