Charybdis is a gigantic one-eyed mindless blood-thirsty calamity-class monster, heralded as the Ruler of the Skies. Born from a cloud of Veldora's magicules, it can be said to be part of Veldora's "family," similar to Rimuru as it is also called to be Veldora's child. As it has no sense of solid self, it operates solely to satisfy its lust for destruction. In the distant past, it was sealed by a Hero as it is capable of revival with given time.

Since it is a spiritual life-form it lacks a physical body and thus requires a host for the sake of survival. It is also immune to magic attacks due to its extra skill "Magic Jamming." As it is originally from the spirit world, it is also accompanied by a couple of Megalodons who are immune to magic attacks as well. Though Charybdis is said to be a Calamity-class monster, in reality, it is no weaker than a Disaster-class monster (i.e., at the level of a Demon Lord) since it wields a fraction of Veldora's power. The only reason it hasn't been considered as one is that of its inability of rational thought.


Special Skills:

  • Tempest Scales

Extra Skills:


  • Cancel Pain
  • Resist Melee Attack
  • Resist Paralysis