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Carrion (カリオン karion), also known as Beast Master (獅子王(ビースト・マスター)), is the King of Beast Kingdom Eurazania and former Demon Lord of the Ten Great Demon Lords, now serving as Milim Nava's aide alongside Frey.


Short spiky blonde hair. He has a large build being very tall, with black sharp nails and a beast paw print tattoo on his right chest. He wears loose clothing and a 3-part pauldron on his right shoulder. His main weapon is a halberd.

Royal Beast Form

Carrion's Royal Beast Form is....


He has the aura and majesty of a king. He is intelligent enough to run from a battle if he understands that he will die, but is a benevolent king and will prioritize his country before himself as shown with his fight with Milim.


About 500 years ago, during the previous Great Tenma War, Carrion stood out among his fellow Beastmen and rose up to become a Demon Lord of the Ten Great Demon Lords upon the recommendation of Demon Lords Kazaream and Milim Nava.


  • Rimuru Tempest: Carrion and Rimuru seem to along with each other as leaders of their respective nations.
  • Milim Nava: After relinquishing his title of Demon Lord, he now serves under her as a subordinate.
  • Frey: They were once fellow Demon Lords but now serve under Milim together.
  • Clayman: At first, both Carrion and Clayman appeared to get along with each there; However, after Clayman successful schemed in having Milim declare war on his kingdom, he viewed him now as an enemy.
  • Benimaru: Carrion found Benimaru's boldness amusing and entertained his request for a sparring match.