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"Lion King" Carrion 「"獅子王" カリオン, "Shishiou" Karion」is the King of the "Beast Country" Yuurazania. He participated in the great war 500 years ago and became known as a Demon Lord amongst the Ten Great Demon Lords. Alongside Frey and Clayman (and later Leon Cromwell), they are called the Third Generation Demon Lords. After Rimuru Tempest killed Clayman in the Walpurgis Banquet, he stepped down from calling himself a Demon Lord and became Milim's Subordinate.


He has a beast devil form. And his true form, Demon Lord “Lion King” Carrion. Covered in silver fur, his muscles bulge. On his lion head a vermillion bird crown shines bright. And his body is clad in black tortoise armor. The neighboring countries all specialized in warfare. So, for the sake of fighting for the dominance of the skies, large eagle-like wings are attached to his back.


Carrion possessed great power from the day he was born. He had once asked his parents when he was a child, about the tyranny of the Dragon Princess. They told him a dragon princess's anger can erase a country, and to never fight against a dragon princess.

He became a devil through his own power, and even evolved into a demon lord. 500 years ago, Carrion became a demon lord in search of power. There is also a rumor that he exterminated a single demon lord himself, but whether that is true or not is open to debate.


After facing Milim, Carrion was able to escape receiving a direct hit, so he survived. However, he felt a blade press against his neck. And the presence of a single woman. The supreme ruler of the skies, Sky Queen Frey. And so, Karion consciousness faded into darkness.

He would later be revealed to have been spared as part of Milim's plan to dupe Clayman and raise Rimuru up. Following this, he becomes Milim's subordinate.



  • Flight Magic
  • Beast Roar: This roar releases one's magical energy at the opponent. All his energy is focused on the tip of the lance, yet it remained undamaged. If he fires it on the ground, everything in the direction of the attack will be inadvertently erased; it is “Beast King” Carrion's sure-kill technique. Normally, its power would not wane in the slightest for the first 100 meters. And, the actual range of the attack could go well past 2 kilometers. Thus, the long range makes this a skill that is best used against multiple opponents, but it can be regulated to be concentrated on a single one. In the end magical energy rapidly escapes his body, and he can hardly sustain flight magic. However, that was a small price to pay for this attack.
  • Unique Skill Lion Heart (Acquired through Milim's special training): This ability increases his power against a person stronger than him and gives his attacks penetration effect. Using it together with 'Beastification' results in an Original Skill 'Dragon Body'.


  • Hyakko-Seiryuu Lance: Carrion's strength grows exponentially when wielding it.
  • Byakko-Seiryugeki: a legendary item that could cut through any and all barriers.

Half-baked defensive barreirs will not be able to withstand its mighty blade.


Milim Nava

Carrion didn't hate her personality, and felt they could have become good friends. After his expulsion he official became Milim's direct subordinate. He was later trained by her in what he'd come to know as living hell and became much stronger than before, from this he seems to have developed a degree of fear towards her.


Carrion and Gobuta developed a strong friendship because both had to cross through Milim's special training. Carrion even looked up to Gobuta as he witnessed the genius fighting that he was capable of, especially with bonding with Ranga. He referred to Gobuto as his senpai even though he (Carrion) was at one time considered a Demon Lord.