Carrera (カレラ karera) is one of the Primordials who joined Tempest after Diablo recruited them. She is the Yellow Primordial also known as Jaune.


She appears as a high school delinquent with blonde hair and wearing a white shirt with a tie. She also wears a black snow coat with a skull pin on her left chest. She is taller than Ultima but shorter than Testarossa. [1]


Carrera is a carefree, energetic individual who loves firing off nuclear magic for fun. She is egocentric and gets mad easily.


Before being recruited by Diablo, she was "slumbering" below Leon's country El Dorado. Leon's knights tried negotiating with her multiple times but they were ignored every time. [2]


Hero Awakening arc

She was recruited by Diablo who was looking for subordinates to help out with chores. At first, Rimuru thought she wasn't strong but Raphael quickly corrected him. When she was introducing herself she let out a bit of her aura to try and intimidate Rimuru but he didn't notice it. Diablo wanted to scold her for that but Rimuru stopped him. After changing locations, the unnamed Carrera gained a physical body by fusing together with an Emulated Soul and inhabiting one of the many bodies in the growth capsules prepared by Rimuru. He modified Carrera's skeleton and mixed gold into it, further improving the body. After she gained her body, Rimuru named her. From this, she evolved from Arch Demon to Demon peer. In addition, she brought along 2 servants and 200 soldiers. The 2 servants were named Agera and Esprit and both evolved into Arch Demons.

A bit later, she was assigned to be Chief Justice Officer of the Supreme Court in Tempest. She happily accepted it and said she would judge people with the utmost fairness. [3]


Rimuru Tempest: She was doubtful of Rimuru and wanted to kill him but after he named Carrera and gave her a body she became extremely loyal.

Testarossa: In the Underworld, they were always competing and battling with each other. Now they are competing for Rimuru's attention.

Ultima: In the Underworld, they were always competing and battling with each other. Now they are competing for Rimuru's attention.


Leon Cromwell: Their territories are close to each other and as such, Carrera's given Leon his fair share of headaches dealing with her antics.


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