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"Menace Lord" Carrera"破滅王"(メナスロード) Carrera, ☃☃ Karera is one of the Primordial Demon called Yellow or Jaune convened by Diablo to serve Rimuru. She was an Arch Demon during her summons but evolved to become a Demon peer after being named by Rimuru.

She further evolved into a Devil Lord when she was awakened as a True Demon Lord.


She appears as a high school girl with blonde hair and wearing a white shirt with a tie. She also wears a black snow coat with a skull pin on her left chest. compared to Ultima and Testarossa, her height is between them with Testarossa as the tallest.


She had a childish personality that didn't use her brain and very scary once she gets mad.



Rimuru Tempest:

During the time, Diablo was looking for someone to be his underling, soon he remembered his old "friend" and convey them to meet his lord Rimuru Tempest. At first Carrera was not sure about Rimuru's ability and tested him by releasing Demon Haki. However, Rimuru did not get affected by it and called Carrera, a cat that looking for attention. Since that time, Carrera willing to obey Rimuru .


Carrera was one of the Primodial Demons along with Diablo. It is said that Carrera raw power is more powerful than Diablo, but Carrera still cannot defeat Diablo. Diablo found out about Carrera using his Demon Haki against Rimuru Tempest and tried to kill her. However, Rimuru realizes his intention and stopped him.


Carrera and Testarossa seem to be on friendly terms with each other and seem to get along.


Gravity Collapse: It produces a huge gravitational force on the targeted area. It can cause an implosion if too strong. Rimuru believed that it may be possible for her to create a small black hole or something similar that would result in a very large scale uncontrolled destruction.

Ultimate Skills

  • Extinction/Death King Abaddon
    • Divine Edge (and all of Ultimate Skill Sandalphon the Executioner other abilities after both Ultimate Skills integrated)

Daily Skills

  • Magic Perception: To Be Added.


  • God Class Handgun: There is an arsenal of different types of bullets that can be used with this handgun, that can combine with the abilities of these bullets.
    • Judgment Bullet - Mach 100 bullets - shoot a bullet so fast it cannot be dodged with ordinary means and it packs with the strongest attack and can only be used once a day.
    • Eraser Bullet - Disintegrates the target into nothing.
    • Necrosis Bullet - Magic Channel Destroying Bullets - Destroys the magic channels within the target preventing them from using magic. This was a bullet that even could even kill dragons. Even the undying attributes of the undead would have their magic circuits destroyed by the cursed agents and ultimately result in death-by-destruction.
    • Remove Bullet - A bullet that destroys magic barriers or curse type defenses.


To be added.


  • She was named after Porsche Carrera car.


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