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"Ice Hell Dragon King" Boreas ["氷獄竜王" ボレアス, "Hyougoku Ryuu Ou" Boreasu] is an Ice Dragon King and the Guardian of the 98th floor of Ramiris’ Labyrinth.


Adult Dragon -

Dragon King -

True Dragon King -


The dragon is an ice dragon.

Milim brought an adult ice dragon dungeon that she tamed, where it guards the 98th floor of the Labyrinth. It was allowed to make a nest and it feeds off of Veldora's aura for food.

From fighting in the labyrinth and absorbing Veldora's aura the dragon evolved into a dragon king class.

The dragon was granted a name by Ramiris and Rimuru gave them 5000 souls, which allowed it to evolve into a True Dragon King. Upon its evolution it obtained a humanoid form, which is different from Milim's draganoid form in that Milim is a Spirit Form species, while the Dragons are a corporeal species that have changed form (they are bound to their bodies). Though it had equal stores of energy to the Ten Lords of the Labyrinth, but had lower fighting prowess, and thus decided to train in its new body.


Dragon - 20m dragon (assumed).

Dragon King - 20m dragon (assumed).

True Dragon King - Beautiful Humanoid form.


Ice Elemental Control


 Web Novel
ch Evolution Stage Trigger for Evolution Rank EP New Skills/Abilities


Adult Dragon Collected by Milim A Battle Physical attacks with fangs and talons

Elemental attacks - Ice

146 Veldora Aura and Fighting A+
Dragon King
Name by Ramiris

5000 souls by Rimuru

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