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Freako Geeko Freako Geeko 28 days ago

Greetings to All

Hello everyone! As my namesake implies, I'm a hobbyist who likes to geek out details in fictional works I read/watch. Some may have seen me in No Game No Life wiki as I'm one of the top contributors there.

With its vast and detailed worldbuilding, Tensura is like a treasure trove to me. Since there are so many incomplete articles, I just can't resist myself from laying my hands on them. I might not be that familiar with some rules and conventions here, so please give me a nudge if there's something to be corrected. Looking forward to having fun with you guys here!

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SithDan96 SithDan96 7 June

What happens to Clayman's Territory?

Please Note as the time of me posting these blog I'm roughly at Volume 5 of the Light-Novels and have see both season 1 and the 1st half of season 2. I wondering what happens to Clayman Territory after Rimuru eliminate him as a threat?

Does Rimuru after eliminating Clayman gain influence and control over his Territory?

Or does 1 of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance members use the absent of Clayman to take advantage and get control of their former master's control?

Or heck does Rimuru's Bestie and fellow Demon Lord Milim Nava head over to Clayman's Territory and claim his territory; As well to threat the inhabits of Calyman's territory to accept her as their new Demon Lord.

I don't mind mild-spoilers if you guys are willing to share.

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Lucas etp445 Lucas etp445 24 April

Velgaia is the 6th True Dragon


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SithDan96 SithDan96 21 April

Hello there Everyone

Hello there Everyone I a long time slime fandom user and tend to be very quiet and add or take away for information to the slime fandom.

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YuukiKagurazaka YuukiKagurazaka 14 April

Honjou Masayuki and the Eastern Empire

On this blog I'll basically write about the Eastern Empire and how it works economic and politically, and I'll also tell my opinion about Honjou Masayuki how does he commands his nation and his relantionships.

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Azazel123456789 Azazel123456789 10 April

Volume 18: Ultimate Skills

(Since my reference is a fan translation I do not know if it is the right translation or not)

[Heavenly King Astarte] Dino

[Domination King Melchizedek] Kagali

[Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka] Vega

[Ultimate Enchantment "Multiple Weapons"] Orlia (Orca X Aria)

[Ultimate Enchantment "World Map"] Mai Furuki

[Judgement King Israfil] Zalario

[Salvation King Azrael] Obera

[Rigor King Jibril] Pico

[Glory King Haniel] Gracia

[Thunder King Indra] Sylvia

[Ultimate Enchantment "Agni"] Jahil

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LegendaryViper LegendaryViper 9 April

Hello, I'm New

hello people who have been here for a millennia. I'm quite new to this so not everything i do will work; but i mean it's mainly minor fixes and missing information so it should for the most part :p

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Mr. Bonde Mr. Bonde 30 March

Explaining character profiles, abilities, Skills, Etc. Major Spoilers ahead

Rimuru Tempest: [EP: 8,681,123] + [Dragon Blade 2.28 Mil] = [EP: 10,961,123] + fusion with veldora and velgrynd = [EP: ???]

  • Race: Highest-Tier Divine Spirit - Ultimate Slime - Protection: Rimuru's Compassion - Title: Chaos Creator
  • Unique Skills: Universal Perception, Dragon Spirit's Haki, Universal Shapeshift
  • Magic: [True Dragon Magic], [Spirit Summoning], [Demon Summoning], Etc.
  • [Dragon Blade]: A myth Grade sword made from the Hihiirokane that was sitting inside of Rimuru
  • [Void God Azathoth]: Soul Consumption, Nihility Collapse, Imaginary Space, True Dragon Release, True Dragon Nucleation, Time-Space Manipulation, Multi-Dimensional Barrier, Etc.
    • [Soul Consumption]: A super enhanced version of predation-gluttony which can devour the target's soul …
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Eugene Tung Eugene Tung 19 February

Episode 29(Old & New)

Old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezcILSxPcQ8


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NeoSuperior NeoSuperior 22 January

Episode 27 Preview Synopsis and Images

This is a preview of Episode 27 taken from the official Tensura website, with the synopsis translated into English.

A meeting with King Gazel and a speech to the people following the declaration of mutual friendship with the Armed Nation of Dwargon. After completing these two major tasks, Rimuru slips out from Shuna's and Shion's sight and triumphantly heads to "that paradise," which he once promised to Gobta.


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Abcaseasyas Abcaseasyas 21 January


So uh, I don´t know if this show's on all wikis but this is my on topic blog!

Seems empty so far.....

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Abcaseasyas Abcaseasyas 21 January


So uh.... this is my blog for off wiki topics!

Jan 20th of 2021

should I wait a year or 2 too get an iPhone or should I save up to get a Motorola DROID MAXX? (Not 2 just 1)

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NeoSuperior NeoSuperior 15 January

Episode 26 Preview Synopsis and Images

This is a preview of Episode 26 taken from the official Tensura website, with the synopsis translated into English.

Rimuru, who was able to form diplomatic relations with Eurazania, decided to go to the Armed Nation of Dwargon for a declaration of friendship ceremony. However, Shion throws a tantrum as she wants to accompany him...


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NotVeldoraTempest NotVeldoraTempest 6 November 2020

Hello there fellow men of culture

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Toji-san Toji-san 18 July 2020

July Wiki Updates

Hello everyone, hope we are all doing well. It is your very friendly wiki admin, Toji. If you have been with the wiki, you have been noticing some little changes around the wiki, but if you want to read more about that, you can read it here. The wiki has been slowly getting more active editors which I am glad about so since the anime has been postponed to January 2021, we have gaining nothing less than 50k+ views per day which is good.

  • The layout guide and image policy have been updated to make it more user-friendly so please read it.
  • Over the course of next week, I will be going through some articles and images, and delete images that are not high-quality also some stubs.

  • We have a new content moderator, Neo who I trust will not make any big…

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Toji-san Toji-san 10 June 2020

June Wiki Updates

Hello guys, it is your friendly neighbourhood Toji-san, there have been some new changes on the wiki which are going to be addressed in this blog. First of, the wiki views have been doing well, according to the Analytics, we now have over 1.5million+ views on the wiki from the last month and I am sure that view will spike up with the release of the anime.

Due to the anime being postponed due to the corona virus, yeah that sucks but that means we have extra time to focus on the wiki and clear out the stubs in the wiki.

  • New infobox and background:

There is a new infobox design which the owner of the Russian Konosuba wiki allowed me to borrow so thank him later, I also added a background to the portable infobox.

  • Masthead background:

You may notice t…

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Toji-san Toji-san 7 May 2020

May Wiki Updates

Hello guys, it is your wiki-friendly Toji-san, hope you guys are staying safe at home and washing your hands. As you all may know, that I am now active on the wiki due to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced me to cut my school semester life short, well such is life. Speaking of cutting things short, as you may have noticed that the wiki page count has drastically reduced from like around 920 pages, I have noticed that in my long absence which I profusely apologise about that there was a drastic increase in the page count, from around 750 - 900+, and as much I was excited, thinking the wiki was growing with information all to find out there was just an increasing number of stubs on the wiki. You must have properly seen the stub templates in a…

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Toji-san Toji-san 15 April 2020

Major changes

Hey guys, hope everyone is safe and the lockdown is treating you well. I have noticed some abrupt changes which must be brought to everyone's attention, so it seems when I was away and the other admins were semi-active so because of that Neo made a lot of changes to the wiki basically the LN and WN split, which I was checking critical pages, now we have a lot of unnecessary pages. The WN and LN icons are meant for character pages only, so this is not for pages like Tempest or any skill pages, we can put like a spoiler alert

According to the Wiki Analytics, in the past month we have reached 1.6 million views and most of our views come from the mobile site, so that means there must be updates done. We will bring back the feedback post next mon…

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Toji-san Toji-san 19 March 2020

Decree from Rimuru Tempest

Moshi moshi, it is I =, Rimuru Tempest (aka Toji-san) teehee, well I know I have been inactive from governing the country (college is so stressful), well due to corona virus (I hope y'all are safe), they pushed back my exams so I will out of school by April 9 or 12, and my exams have started. Not to lose hope, I made some few changes to the admin team:

Sadly, to say since Spectra is no longer active, the bureaucrat as been given to BrainDeadZero, cause he watches over the wiki, so now we have 2 Tempest in town.

  • Bloodstain is now back, so be expecting him to resume his admin duties.
  • MAZ is also an admin, keep up the good work.

  • Neo, is now a content mod since he is so passionate about the wiki.

Well Carver, if you are interested you are more than…

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NeoSuperior NeoSuperior 17 February 2020

No more crosslinking between Web Novel and Light Novel Content!

I saw that some people really want to link WN pages to LN/manga/anime pages for some reason, but let me tell you: It's not going to work out like that!

The Light Novel diverges so much in terms of both lore and characters, that something like "composite pages" is just not feasible for this series, escpacially when it comes to characters like Yuuki and Hinata, the former escpacially, whose personality had gotten a complete overhaul.

There are other differences like Ranga not evolving during Rimuru's Harvest Festival and stuff like "Battle Skills" and "Daily Skills" no longer even existing in the LN. Likewise "EP" doesn't exist in the LN and even the Disaster Ranks themselves are completely different in the LN than they were in the WN, e.g.:


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Azurudoragon Azurudoragon 11 February 2020

Well Hi

So, I just joined this wiki. Actually, I haven't had an account for that long. I didn't have an emial address to make one with (actually, I did, but I didn't know it existed) So, Hi! I promise not to screw things up to the best of my abilities

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Gencc Gencc 2 February 2020


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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 6 January 2020

LN Arc Titles update

Relatively shorter blog this time, as a followup/update to this blog.

After I obtained a copy of Vol 7, I noticed Yen Press added what appears to be arc/volume titles in the table of contents. Took another look at previous volumes, and it seems they all had the same thing (except Vol 1? See this album). The list:

  1. Empowerment(?)
  2. A Disturbance In The Forest
  3. The Demon Lord Invades
  4. Human-Monster Relations
  5. A Demon Lord's Awakening
  6. The Octogram Rising
  7. The Conflict Between Holy And Demonic

These appear to be the 'official translation' of the arc/volume titles. I could update the LN pages, but I wanted to check if there are any differences with other people's copies of the book; e.g. are physical copies similar, or is my copy special?

I originally wanted to…

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NeoSuperior NeoSuperior 19 October 2019

LN Arc Titles up to LN Volume 8

So as it turns out, the LN uses Arc Titles that mostly differ from the WN. The Arc Titles are sorted by Volume up to Volume 8 (don't know what's beyond that since that's all I got to know from the LN vol. 8.5 Databook raws), so there is a discrepancy not only in the Arc numbers, but also in the Arc Titles. Many are still the same though. Anyway, here is the list:

Arc 1 (LN vol. 1): 地位向上編 Empowerment Volume (same as WN)
Arc 2 (LN vol. 2): 森の騒乱編 Forest Disturbance Volume (same as WN)
Arc 3 (LN vol. 3): 魔王来襲編 Demon Lord Attack Volume (entirely new)
Arc 4 (LN vol. 4): 人魔交流編 Human-Monster Interaction Volume (different from WN)
Arc 5 (LN vol. 5): 魔王覚醒編 Demon Lord Awakening Volume (slightly different from WN)
Arc 6 (LN vol. 6): 八星輝翔編 The Octagram Soar…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 10 October 2019

Feedback and Updates - October

This is a monthly blog where we ask users for feedback to further improve the wiki. It also serves as a general update and announcement blog, as well as a place for me to rant/type whatever is in my head.


I decided to share the wiki's analytics again, since some people might find it interesting. Page views seem to have dropped since August, which shows how much a new release (episode, manga chapters, etc.) affects the wiki's visitor count.

WN and LN content

One of the more notable updates for the wiki is the decision to separate LN and WN content. This should've been done earlier, but by that point, half of our admins were inactive (afaik, they also happened to be the only admins that actually read the WN).

Regardless, a general guideli…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 10 August 2019

Feedback and Updates - August

This is a monthly blog where we ask users for feedback to further improve the wiki. That would make for a short blog though, so we also announce updates and other related news here. Interested? Keep on reading.

  • 1 Wiki updates
    • 1.1 Analytics
    • 1.2 Technical stuff
  • 2 Series updates
  • 3 Other remarks

Last month, I showed some stats related to weekly page views on the wiki. I also questioned how much of those views came from mobile. According to the stats shown in the image, quite a lot.

Fandom recently released a new feature for admins known as the Analytics Dashboard, which shows more in-depth analytics going back 30 days. This data is meant for administrators, but the help page states that we can share this to other editors as well. Some may find the stats i…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 11 July 2019

Mid-July Feedback

Seems like a good time for another of these monthly blogs. This blog is for readers and editors to share their feedback to help improve the wiki. I 'hijacked' Toji-san's blogs before, so I'm sure he won't mind if I steal an entire blog lol. Instead of polls however, this blog will include some other stuff.

Let's start with some recent releases. Manga Volume 12 was released a few days ago. The special edition of the volume also includes an OAD. A new chapter was also translated. As admins, we have access to an Admin Dashboard, which also displays some quick stats as shown in the image. As you can see, the recent releases brought attention to the series, which also increased our views.

Trivia: If memory serves, we had ~600k–800k weekly views wh…

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Toji-san Toji-san 12 June 2019

Mid-June Feedback

Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki. Sorry I was late, was a little busy so this is to get your feedback from the month of May.

It's a bit late, considering this has been done for months now, but the polls below don't appear on the mobile skin. For those who are reading this on phones/tablets, consider switching to desktop mode to vote. Or you can continue reading this blog without voting. That also works.

) are still available. I initially planned to redirect them to the new template, but it didn't work the way I expected. Feel free to use the old templates if you wish. I'll use my bot account to manually change them to the new templates.

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Carto531 Carto531 23 May 2019

Similar light novel, manga, and web novel to Tensei Shaitara Slime datta ken

Hi, everyone. You are welcome to add any sources similar to Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken.

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Toji-san Toji-san 11 May 2019

Mid-May Feedback

Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki.

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Toji-san Toji-san 11 April 2019

Mid-April poll

Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki.

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Toji-san Toji-san 11 March 2019

March Wiki Feedback

Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki. The anime is ending March 25, 2019 thanks for sticking with us for a long time, we love you guys and we hope we made this wiki to your liking

. These templates are currently based on the updated image licensing templates, such as Template:Fairuse (which I copied from Templates Wiki).

In my sandbox, these templates received new colors and alternative icons from Font Awesome. I'd like to know what you guys think of them.

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Rikuni Rikuni 5 March 2019


I found a YouTube channel posting off this website https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRn7qlvrmiE_vdDA_m8MRAQ

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Toji-san Toji-san 10 February 2019

Mid-February poll

Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki

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Dxf289 Dxf289 24 January 2019

Is it just me...

Is it just me, or does it seem strange that the first group of subordinates leveled out as Hobgoblins? I realized that 100 if the Green Corps Goblins evolved into Ogres, but Gobuta, Rigurdo, Rigur and Ririna are all still Hobgoblins. Shouldn't they, at this point, be Kijin? They should have evolved into Ogres when Rimuru absorbed the Orc Disaster and then Kijin when he became a True Demon Lord and then Oni when he became a Great Demon Lord. But sadly, they are still Hobgoblins. I mean, look at the benefit of the Soul Corridor to Ranga. He has consistently evolved. What are your thoughts

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Omega64 Omega64 21 January 2019

Is Shizu actually Lucia's Reincarnation?

I've been sort of curious for awhile if Shizu was in fact Lucia's reincarnation or not.

Lucia possessed Wisdom King Raphael and this has caused many to assume that Rimuru has some connection to her because he obtained the same skill. But I'm wondering if the reason he obtained Raphael was because of Shizu's Deviant skill that fused with Great Sage to form Wisdom King Raphael. In short, it was Shizu who caused Raphael to appear in Rimuru, not Rimuru. To me, that would solve the whole is Rimuru is Valdanava or Lucia confusion. As it could mean Shizu was Lucia, and Rimuru is Valdanava, and what the Dark Elf said was true and they are actually soulmates. The Great Sage yearned for development and the Deviant skill fusion gave it, but could it b…

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Toji-san Toji-san 16 January 2019

Mid poll

Happy New Year guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki

  • The article improvement project is still ongoing, stand a chance to win the last post till February.
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Toji-san Toji-san 29 December 2018

New Year Announcements and Changes

Hello, it's me again. I know that pesky admin that floods our notifications bar so this is the last one for this year, let me start by saying this has been a great year for the wiki and the franchise, we get at least not less than 60k+ readers per day.  Also if you are wondering why my edits have been flooding the wiki activity is because I use mass edit tools and don't have a bot, Gomen nasai. We are really popular and we have a lot of active users mostly people that comment. For those who ran away from the wiki and are coming back after the school terms:

  • 1 Recent Changes
  • 2 New Changes
  • 3 What's gonna happen from now on?
  • 4 One last thing

  1. We have four admins (2 bureaucrats and 2 admins).
  2. We have a new wordmark and wallpaper.
  3. We have added required (or ove…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 22 December 2018

Other Communities

This blog is just to share other wikis and communities that are related to the Tensura series. Figured it would receive more attention here. Feel free to share any other wikis/communities below.

Other languages:

  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Wiki - Spanish Wiki
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Wiki - Polish Wiki
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Wiki - Brazilian-Portuguese Wiki
  • О моём перерождении в слизь вики - Russian Wiki


  • Tensei Slime: Lord of Tempest Wiki - A wiki for the Tensei Slime mobile game


  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Wiki‏‎ - Created using the experimental Community Builder tool
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Wiki‏‎ - Duplicate wiki
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Wiki - Spanish duplicate wiki


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Toji-san Toji-san 19 December 2018

Wiki Projects

Hey guys, so it's Christmas time and everybody is in a jolly mood. I will try and make this as brief as possible, as you all know that myself, BrainDeadZero and SpectraXCD have been trying to implement the image policy and why to that effect people have started complying (Yay!). In tune, with the image policy I have successfully deleted every image with a bad filename or bad image quality, now the problem is licensing which brings to me to the topic of wiki projects:

  • We currently have the Article Improvement Project which not much users are responding but I am seeing effort especially from BLOODSTAIN777
  • I am introducing the Image Licensing project, which if you want to help hit me up on my message wall and I will give you the guidelines, I h…
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Toji-san Toji-san 7 December 2018

Article Improvement Project

This is very similar to You-Zitsu Wiki's Article Improvement project

Below are the guidelines of Article Improvement project.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Tasks
    • 2.1 Construction
    • 2.2 General Article Expansion
    • 2.3 Review and General Update
    • 2.4 Text Rewrite
    • 2.5 Proper Referencing
  • 3 How to Participate

This project aims to improve the overall quality of articles by adding contents, references, or other missing items (such as headers, infoboxes, and templates) and revising faux, redundant, and irrelevant information. All editors are welcomed to join the project.

A list of articles is provided in list tab that needs improvement with identified specific areas of the improvement.


The tasks for the project is divided into five subsections as listed below:

Full Contribution Points:
  1. To e…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 12 November 2018

Wiki Feedback

Yep, I'm making another blog post. Luckily, this one will be much shorter than my previous ones. I wanna know what you guys think about the wiki, and how we can improve it. I posted this earlier today on reddit. I figured I should post this here as well to hear more thoughts/opinions on the topic.

Is there anything you'd like to see changed on this wiki? Do you agree with the rules/policies set in place? Should we mark spoilers on this wiki? Wanna ask a question that was not asked here? Let your opinions be heard below.

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 23 October 2018

New Admins

Hey everyone! If you haven't been around for the past month or so, you should know that a few users have been planning to adopt this wiki. Well, the adoption process was successful, and now we have some new admins!

  • SpectraXCD
  • BrainDeadZero
  • Toji-san (I'll give you admin rights soon) (SpectraXCD: I've given him admin rights) 

Now that we have access to admin tools, we have more control over the wiki. For one thing, the wiki theme as been changed (applies to desktop only), and we have a new wordmark.

These are some of my (BrainDeadZero) plans:

  • Organize this wiki.

This includes adding/changing categories, file names, removing duplicates, etc. This can be time consuming, and will probably flood the Recent Wiki Activity and Recent changes, which us why …

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SpectraXCD SpectraXCD 17 October 2018

Wiki Adoption

Hi guys, this is SpectraXCD, an editor of this wikia since June 2017! This is a late blog post, but I'm announcing that I wish to become an admin of this wikia.

To be honest, if things work out well this would be my first time becoming a wikia admin so I wasn't sure how the process worked and simply continued editing as usual after posting a request here, until I noticed BrainDeadZero making his blogpost here. XD

I dove into the web novel without any expectations when I was on the lookout for series with overpowered protagonists and was blown away at the hype and goosebumps Tensei Slime gave me. As a fellow fan, I found myself looking up the wiki for quick facts or recollections and was disheartened at the poor state of it. Since then I cr…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 15 October 2018

Wiki adoption

Hello there! I'm BrainDeadZero, fellow editor of this wiki. I'm making this post to announce that I'm planning to adopt the wiki.

  • 1 Adoption? What?
  • 2 Why do you want to become an admin?
  • 3 Why make this blog post?
  • 4 Are you even qualified to be an admin?
  • 5 Other stuff

Basically, if an admin of a wiki is inactive for a long time, others can "adopt" the wiki to become an admin. See Help:Adopting a community for more info.

The founder and current admin of this wiki, Kamerond5, hasn't been active since 2016. I'm hoping to take over and change the wiki theme, update the navigation bar, cleanup some articles, removing duplicates, and maybe set some rules/guides among other things.

Following the adoption guidelines, I'm required to make a blog post to see if t…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 11 October 2018

Naming differences

Update: This blog has been moved to Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken Wiki:Terminology Guide, where all future updates will take place. This blog will remain here for archival/historic purposes.

This is a blog listing all differences in names of characters, skills, locations and stuff. Most people were introduced to this series through the origninal web novel and it's manga adaptation. Before Yen Press and Kodansha Comics released the series in English, many fans turn to fan-translations. As such, there are some differences in the spelling of names, skill and what not. So I decided to make this blog to compare them. Hopefully, we can use these as a standard for the wiki, especially now since the anime is kicking off.

TL;DR: This is a comparison …

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Petesonic Petesonic 12 September 2016

To Do

  • Describe and Link all the Transfer and Space Magics
    • Teleportation ch 109 diablo
    • Spatial Transfer (is this the same as spatial Travel? need to look up)
    • Spatial Travel
    • Shadow Step
  • Fill in Entries for the three adventurers and their master from the eastern empire that defected to Tempest prior to the war
    • there are multiple pages for the same character, consolidate these and redirect the superfluous ones
  • Continue working on evolution table for all characters
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