Black Numbers黒色軍団(ブラックナンバーズ) Kokushoku Guntai(B u r a k k u N a n b a a z u)」is a unit of Tempest composed solely of elite demons that serves Rimuru under the leadership of Diablo.  

They are approximately 700 personnel consisting of Diablo's 3 old rivals, their 6 subordinates who further have 100 subordinates each & a rogue who too further has 100 subordinates. After being summoned, these demons are made to inhabit/possess the demon dolls inside capsules developed by Tempest.[1]

Diablo keeps the named demons of the Black Numbers in line with the ever-present threat of disciplining them should they exceed their orders.


After the Tempest tournament, Diablo returned to the Underworld with the intention of gathering a force worthy of serving his master, Rimuru. Thus Diablo set off to search for potential demon candidates, laying waste to countless demons in his wake, mostly his previous rivals. After gathering the suitable candidates, Diablo presented them to Rimuru upon his return to Tempest and summoned ten elite demons that he deemed worthy.


The Black Numbers is a group of 711 demons, currently composed of one named Demon God, three named Demon Kings, 7 named Demon Nobles, 100 nameless Demon Chevaliers, and 600 other nameless Greater Demons (some evolved into Arch Demons).[2]  



The Empire Invasion Arc

Upon Diablo's return, he introduced 3 Arch Demons, 7 Greater Demons, and the remaining 700 Lesser Demons. As they are spiritual forms, they thus used the dolls developed by Ramiris as their vessels in order to manifest in the physical plane. The 3 Arch Demons -- TestarossaUltimaCarrera -- evolved into Demon Dukes after being named, and their incarnation to the doll was instantly completed, turning into real beauties. Their might is horrifyingly overwhelming while their strength is on a completely different dimension. The 7 Greater Demons: VenomVeyronMossShienZondaAgeraEsprit --- also evolved into Arch Demons after being named. One hundred (100) Greater Demons were born among the total of 700 Lesser Demons' souls that are lodged onto the cultivated demon dolls due to accumulating enough magic essence/energy for evolution from inhabiting the dolls. These demons are revealed to be powerful with abilities that surpass the Majins/Devils. Dozens of the Lesser Demons became Greater-demons-like and have abilities above A ranks.[1] 

Tenma Great War Arc

During the rewarding ceremony after the invasion of the East Empire, Rimuru granted 100,000 souls to Diablo, who in turn evolved into a True Demon Lord/ Devil Lord, and in effect, his lieutenant, Venom, evolved into an Earl class Demon Noble. After Guy gave Rimuru 500, 000 souls in exchange of evolving Mirari and  Hirari into True Demon Lords, and Rimuru used them to evolve the rest of his Twelve Patrons. TestarossaUltima, and Carrera were further evolved into True Demon Lords/Devil Lords and was thus referred to us the Devil Lord Trio. As such, their lieutenants evolved as well into Demon Nobles, the 100 Greater Demons evolved into Demon Chevaliers (Knights) and the 600 Lesser Demons evolved into Greater Demons.[3] 


  • It's Implied that Black Corps have enough power to Overwhelm and Conquer The Eastern Empires. (Excluding Velgrynd)
  • Of all Corps in Tempest, The Black Corps have the least no. of members, yet it is considered as the strongest unit in Tempest's military.
  • All the named members of the Black Numbers are named after cars: Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche Carrera, Hennessey Venom GT, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss, Cadillac Cien, Pagani Zonda, Koenigsegg Agera, Lotus Esprit.
  • Ultima is the only one named after a car brand instead of a car model.
  • At least four of the Black Corps were members of the Progenitors: Diablo, Testarossa, Ultima, and Carrera. These were considered demon royalty. The other three members were Guy Crimson and his two subordinates Mizari and Hirari.


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