I know nothing about government myself, but when it comes to military issues, I believe there are few who could equal me.

Benimaru, on his role in Tempest

Benimaru (紅丸(ベニマル) benimaru, lit. "Crimson Circle") is one of the third group of subordinate Monsters to be named by Rimuru Tempest. Originally an Ogre, he was uncertain of his servitude and asked for it to be temporary, but after being named, he evolved into a Kijin, immediately becoming Rimuru's most powerful subordinate for the time, and decided to serve him permanently. He as well lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.

Soon after, Benimaru was given the position of Commander-in-Chief, giving him direct command over Tempest's military forces.

Upon Rimuru's ascension to a True Demon Lord, Benimaru evolved into a Fair Oni and reached the strength of a Disaster-Class Monster.


Benimaru Ogre Anime.png


As an Ogre, he had a tall, burly build. He had flame-like lightly wavy crimson hair from which two large jet-black horns protruded. He has a pair of iconic tear-like red markings that flow down from the bottom of his eyes over his cheeks, which persists throughout all his evolutions. His eyes are incredibly sharp and fierce-looking and has orange-red iris.

In the anime, his skin tone has a reddish tint as a sort of color scheme matching his hair, and his canines are large enough to peek out from his mouth.

He wore black clothing with a thick woolen collar, covered by armor (matching his color scheme) that the Ogre tribe had learned to wear from a human warrior who visited them a couple of centuries ago. He also carried a Japanese-style katana.

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After evolution Benimaru's build shrunk to a height of 180 centimeters and had the appearance of a lean young man in his early twenties or younger. His hair turned less wavy and more straight and pointy. His horns also shrunk slightly and became more narrow, glowing more brilliantly than obsidian. His eyes became more laxer, making him look both more confident and laid back at the same time. Furthermore, his skin tone changed to that of a human, meaning, if his horns and drastically increased aura was hidden, one may not be able to distinguish him from humans at all either.

Thanks to Shuna and the team of weavers (Goblinas and the Dwarves), Benimaru and everyone else received new clothing, weapons, and armor, his being a kimono that turned blood red to match his aura and a new katana.


Benimaru has a carefree personality, that of an excited and confident man. Even so, he is actually really cautious and cunning as well. He has no interest in serving anyone who he doesn't deem worthy, however, he doesn't belittle those weaker than him either.

Benimaru felt hesitant when faced with the responsibility to take over the position of the Ogre Tribe village chief. Thus, he is content with his current position with Rimuru as the Lord he serves. As the military commander, he merely wishes to rampage to his heart's content. Had he become chief, he could not ride off to battle, but now it was different. He can participate without any concerns.

He was originally a very hot-headed person but after taking the role of general of the army under Rimuru he becomes more rational and calm in decision making.



Kurenai (Crimson), Elite troops under Benimaru

They are Benimaru's elite guards having a total of 100 ogres who have endured Hakuro's hellish training and all of them are surpassing A-rank. The captain of the Kurenai is known as "Gobua." A criteria for kurenai is that everyone one of them can be a commander during army operations and Gobua being the captain usually commands the army in Benimaru's absence.


Benimaru used to be the successor-to-be of the Ogre village in the Jura Forest.

Forest Disturbance

Orc Invasion of the Ogre Village

Benimaru was introduced in the Forest Disturbance Arc as the Young Master of the Ogre Tribe. The village was attacked by 10,000 Orcs led by the Orc Lord Geld and Majin Footman.

Meeting with Rimuru

Having his entire tribe eradicated, Benimaru and his 5 remaining tribe members ran away with great regret, only to encounter a Goblin Rider patrol and later Rimuru. They fought due to the Ogre group's frustrations and a misunderstanding caused by Rimuru wearing the Anti-Magic Mask, but it got resolved thanks to Benimaru's little sister's efforts and since no one died, Rimuru healed everyone with his potions and they all went into Rimuru's Goblin village. where a Feast was about to be held.

After some rest, Rimuru learned about Benimaru's and his companions' circumstances and asked them if they were willing to become his subordinates, even if it was temporary since they too would need to fight these orcs, it would be better to join forces. Benimaru asked for some time to think about it and walked away, only to meet his childhood friend and rival stating that it wasn't a bad idea after looking at the state of the goblin village Rimuru ruled over. After some frustrating reminiscence, Benimaru finally decided to accept and finally, as a symbol of Rimuru's rulership, granted the six of them names: Benimaru, Shuna, Souei, Shion, Hakurou, and Kurobee, and thus they all evolved from Ogres into Kijin.

Against the Orcs

Some days passed and Benimaru, Hakurou and Souei trained together to get used to their newfound powers.

Demon Lord Attack

Human-Monster Interaction

Demon Lord Awakening


  • The name Benimaru means "crimson, deep red" (紅) (beni) and "round, circle, pills, purity" (丸) (maru).


  • In The Slime Diaries, Benimaru is shown to hate carrots.


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