Battle at the Goblin Village「ゴブリン村での戦い, Goburin mura de notatakai」is the third episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


After leaving the cave, Rimuru encounters a village of Goblins under attack by a clan of Direwolves. Caught in the heat of the moment, Rimuru agrees to help the Goblins in their battle. That night, the Direwolves arrive to try to take over as the new rulers of the Jura Forest!


As the first step to helping the Goblins fend off the Tempest Wolves, Rimuru Tempest uses the Hipokte Grass potions he's been creating to heal all of the injured goblins, bringing their fighting forces back up to the near peak. Secondly, he has the goblins dismantle their homes and build fences that he reinforces using the Sticky and Steel silks he got from the giant spider in the cave and builds traps using the nearly invisible thread.

When the Wolfs arrive they get caught in Rimuru's silk traps and the goblins hit them with crude bows and arrows putting up an effective defense. The Direwolf Boss is undeterred and charges in, getting caught up in Rimuru's silk trap. Rimuru gives the Boss one chance to turn back and run and when he refuses he decapitates him using Water Blade.

With the matter of the enemy leader dead Rimuru devours the former boss's corpse and takes on his form, giving the wolfs the option of submission, retreating, or death. While it initially seems like the other wolfs intend to keep fighting they ultimately submit to Rimuru. The next Morning Rimuru, who realizes that he is now responsible for now not one but two groups of monsters, decides to take measures to make sure they get along.

As a start, realizing that he has approximately the same number of goblins and wolfs has them pair up and dub them Goblin Riders. The second issue, realizing that none of the other monsters there have names, decides to name each every one of them for the sake of his own convenience. In honor of the dead Rigur, his brother is also named Rigur while the chief is named Rigurd with each individual glowing yellow briefly when named.

When the time comes to name the wolfs, in spite of the chief insisting that he breaks for a while, Rimuru simply takes his family name of Tempest and Wolf's racial name of Fang and dubs the new leader of the pack Ranga. Suddenly Rimuru's body collapses and enters low activity mode, the Great Sage informing him that he used up too much magical power.

When Rimuru awakens he sees an unfamiliar young lady watching over his body. Rigurd, now in a much bigger and much stronger body in the form of a Hobgoblin, comes in and explains that they've evolved thanks to Rimuru naming them. Likewise, Ranga comes in and explains that because of the name Rimuru gave him they've evolved into Tempest Wolves causing Rimuru to realize he's made a new problem.

Because the goblins and wolfs are so much bigger their previous housing, feeding, and clothing methods are now nonviable. As a start Rimuru assigns the monsters into a group to hunt and gather food, thus averting one crisis for the time being. Although Rimuru was a project manager with a basic understanding of modern infrastructure in his past life an architect he is not.

Consulting with Rigurd, Rimuru decides that he and a party of Goblin riders will travel to Dwargon to barter for assistance from the Dwarves living there.




  • Rigur I (Mentioned)
  • Gobchi (Named Debut)
  • Gobtsu (Named Debut)
  • Gobte (Named Debut)
  • Gobzo (Named Debut)
  • Dwarves (Mentioned)





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