Attack of the Ogres (大鬼族(オーガ)の襲撃 Ōga no Shūgeki) is the ninth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Rimuru and the Goblins' village is developing nicely. The Dwarves are building all kinds of houses and furniture, and the local Goblin Lords have appointed Rigurd as the Goblin King. As Rimuru watches everything come together, he decides to return to the cave and test the skills he received from Shizu. While there, he receives a request for help from Ranga through Thought Communication, and he rushes back to find his friends facing six Ogres. One of them orders Rimuru to "reveal his true identity." What is going on in the Great Forest of Jura?


Despite the minor setback of Ifrit's attack, the Goblin village continues to build and rebuild on schedule, while Rigurdo and his Goblin lords have worked out the finer details of governing even without Rimuru giving anyone orders. This works out for Rimuru as he's been experimenting with his new abilities he got from eating Ifrit and Shizue.

For starters, Rimuru has repaired Shizue's Anti-Demon Mask that got damaged during the incident with Ifrit, Rimuru also confirms his human form works exactly like a normal human body, his senses are slightly dulled when compared to using Magic Sense though. As a make shift mirror Rimuru spawns a clone and confirms his appearance in human form.

Rimuru confirms that he does look like an androgynous Shizue, doesn't have any gender, that his default size is due to the limited mass of his physical body, the black mist he occasionally produces is his magical power making up for the difference in mass and as needed he can alter his form to grow in age or switch between genders. Rimuru also confirms that his sense of taste has returned and thus orders Rigurdo to prepare a feast.

On his way out of the village Rimuru also confirms that huge number of magical beasts are moving through the forest, possibly do to a change in the environment, so they'll have plenty of meat for the future. Rimuru takes the liberty of training the more dangerous of his abilities inside of the Sealed Cave where he figures he won't hurt anyone. Shizue's unique skill Deviant, allows her to fuse together and separate skills to produce new skills as needed.

One of Shizue's stronger creations is Dark Flame, a skill that produces a highly destructive mass of black plasma thus is yet another skill that Rimuru has to be careful with. Rimuru also confirms the function of the Anti Demon Mask to suppress magical power, thus while wearing it he appears to be a completely normal human. However, before he can experiment further Rimuru receives an emergency request for aid from Ranga via Thought Transmission.

Ranga's hunting party has come under attack by a group of six Ogres. Most of the members of the party has been put to sleep by the Ogre's Priestess and those who are still able to fight, Ranga, Rigur and Gobuta have only received minor injuries. Though Rimuru initially wants to settle the matter peacefully with the Ogres their leader will have none of it.

By process of elimination they have determined that Rimuru is the only one who could be responsible for the Orc army that attacked their village, on account of the fact that he is in command of a group of monsters roughly as strong as the Orcs. Rimuru commands Ranga to capture the Ogre Priestest while he focus's on dealing with the others.

Rimuru incapacitates the Hammer Wielding Ogre using Paralysis Breath, the Female warrior Ogre by tying her up with Sticky Steel Thread, deflects the other sword wielding Ogre with Body Armor and knocks him out with it while Ranga succeeds in capturing the Priestess. The eldest among the Ogres identifies each of the monsters the skills came from and in the process confirming him as the most dangerous among the Ogres.

Rimuru attempts another attempt at peace/tries to deduce who they have mistaken him for though the revelation of his abilities only serves to make them more suspicious. Unfortunately the Ogre Elder takes the opportunity to sneak up on and try to kill Rimuru though he only succeeds in cutting off one of his arms. Instead Rimuru demonstrates his high speed regeneration and immunity towards fire based attacks.

Deciding to take things seriously, Rimuru removes his mask and produces a giant mass of black flame and Black lightning. The Ogre Priestess however gets between them and reveals the misunderstanding, as she has determined that Rimuru is not the leader of the Orc army that attacked them. Had that individual this much power they would have no need to use Orcs, she's also determined that the mask he is wearing is much different then the demon who was leading the Orc army, whereas Rimuru's mask seals his aura the one the demon was wearing didn't.

Now that the Ogres have calmed down Rimuru reabsorbs his attacks and reveals his true slime nature before leading both groups back to the village to determine who is responsible for the army of violent thugs that attacked the Ogre's village, confirming that none of the Ogre's have names in the process.

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