"Golden Horned" Arubis is one of Karion's Beastmen subordinates. It is unknown how she got her name (or epithet) or how powerful she is, but it can be assumed that as one of Karion's subordinates she'd be comparable to Grucius, as she arrived with him and Sphia to Tempest.


She appears with a coldhearted stare and snake-like eyes, with black-gold hair.


Arubis seems to be a very docile and reticent individual, coming off as 'easy-going' to Rimuru. She holds immense respect for Karion however and becomes angry at Sphia for immediately challenging Rimuru's authority.


She first appears alongside Sphia and Grucius following the defeat of Charybdis. After Rimuru called for diplomatic arrangements between Yuurazania and Tempest.


Rimuru Tempest


  • In the first panel she appears in, she refers to herself (alongside Grucius and Sphia) as: "One of Karion's three Beastmen."
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