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Arts (技術(アーツ) ātsu) are techniques performed by manipulating the users innate Aura/Ki and sometimes raw Magical Energy. Arts unlike magic do not have to be chanted and usually have little to no casting time and unlike skills they can not be "acquired" only achieved through direct and manual manipulation of energy. Examples of arts include but are not limited to effects such as Body and Weapon Strengthening, Presence Concealment, Creating Constructs, Blocking an opponent's Regeneration, and Flight. Arts can only be learned by continuous repetition and therefore cannot be obtained via Skills that are capable of absorbing, reproducing skills, magical knowledge, and etc from others (With the notable exception of Hinatas Usurper and Saares Omnipotent One).

Known Arts

Battlewill: Turns one's own Aura into Energy, strengthening the body.
Instantmove: Allows the user to rapidly increase their speed for a single movement, allowing for an almost teleportation like effect visually.
Diamond Path: An advanced version of battlewill that focuses the users body and mind to strengthen the entire body to be as solid as, and similar in consistency to, Metal. Allowing the user to brush off physical attacks such as cuts and protect them from things such as acid and fire.

Modelwill: Enables one to turn Fighting Spirit/Aura into offensive magic projectiles or bubbles able to encase objects, magic, or materialized Skills within.
Ogresword Cannon: An art used by Shion. Allows the user to coat their sword in intense aura/energy and fire off projectiles slashes and beams along with their strikes.

Aura Shield: An art that creates a large defensive shield in front of the user that can block both physical and magical attacks.

Magic Missile/Magic Bullet: The user gathers their aura and surrounding magicules to form a dense ball of energy before firing at their target. One of the most basic arts but extremely versatile and scales to the users power.

Death-March Dance: An advanced application of magic bullet used by Gelmud and Geld I, the user creates projectiles that can split apart and be controlled remotely to hit the target from all sides.

Earthshatter Kick: The user sends their aura into the ground creating tremors that extend outwards and disorient their opponent/s movement.

Formhide: Enables one to hide one's presence. The Art works in stages, First you rid yourself of any sound, then wipe away any smell and disguise your temperature, before finally wiping away your aura and spirit. At the highest level the user won't even disturb the surrounding magicules rendering skills like Magic Sense moot. The only way to detect someone who's mastered Formhide is through pure lightwaves or some form of extra sensory perception.

Concealment Allows the user to reduce the presence of not just themselves but others. It's effective for hiding against regular people and monsters but against actual fighters it can be seen through rather easily.

Airflight/Air Walk/Etc: Enables the user access to limited flight and gliding.

Tempest Scale Rain: A special move used by Charybdis, It fires all of it's highly durable and sharp scales out at once in a storm of blades.

Kamehameha: An iconic move recreated by Veldora as apart of his "Veldora Style Killing Arts". The user gathers an intense amount of Ki and Magical Energy in their palms before firing it in a massive wave!
Hadouken: An iconic move recreated by Veldora as apart of his "Veldora Style Killing Arts". The user gathers Ki and Magical Energy within their hands and fires it at their target. The lack of charge up time and effort makes it rather easy to spam!

Milim Punch: Milim gathers a ridiculous amount of Aura into her fist and beats up the baddies!
Milim Kick: Milim gathers a buttload of Aura into her leg before unleashing a devastating kick that will shut any meanies up!

Blood Ray: An art used by Roy Valentin. The user directly converts their blood/essence into magical power and fires it at the target at insane speeds like a particle cannon.

Roaring Lion Punch: One of Carrions ultimate moves, He gathers his intense Youki around his fist and punches into the target at full force. This attack was able to break the guard of Geld a defensive type with ease and send him flying.


Magical Arts, Mystical Arts, or sometimes called Qi Fighting Techniques, are a hyper advanced form of arts that involves mixing in raw magical energy into ones own Aura and using it to add magical effects and properties. Attacks with Magical Arts encompass both physical and magical phenomenon allowing it to be effective on virtually any being given enough power. Basic uses of Magical Arts include coating ones sword in magical properties, launching Aura with magical elements/properties at someone (similar to element magic), and creating magical "beam" or "sphere" attacks.

Rimuru using Magic Aura

Magic Aura: Adds magical effects to someone's aura via raw magicules either from the user or from the surroundings, with the magical aspect enabling it to interact with and harm Spiritual Beings, while the aura aspect bypasses the innate magic-resistance of Demons and similar.

Once has been successfully used, the user will have a chance to earn the Extra Skill: Magic Aura, making it easier to use it from that point on.

Qi Slash: A simple but rather potent technique where the user imbues their aura with the magical properties their opponent is weakest against before attacking them. Against magical beings this attack is usually a sure-fire kill.

Ogre Flame: Used by Benimaru, it's a technique that directly converts the users aura using the surrounding magicules into manipulatable flames.

Leopard Fang Flaming Palm: A magical art used by Phobio, The user gathers an intense amount of firey youki into their palm before releasing a devastating strike.

Massive Magic Bullet: The user gathers an intense amount of Aura and raw magical energy seemingly endowed with magical effects into a massive orb or bullet of energy. It is capable of destroying a rather large area and completely obliterating the targets body.

Melt Slash: The ultimate holy sword art used by Hinata. The user coats their weapon with Disintegration and uses it to rapidly accelerate towards their target at approaching light speeds. This technique is a sure-kill attack even against ultimate skill users.
Melt Strike: A different take on Melt Slash by Granbell Rosso that allows the user to shoot concentrated near light speed sword beams outwards on top of enhancing their regular strikes. This technique is a sure-kill attack even against ultimate skill users.

Storm Break: Rimurus original technique based around Melt Slash. The users blade is coated in highly potent Storm Magic Attributes, and while it may not have a lot of raw power in comparison to Melt Slash, It makes up for it with how it seeps into and corrodes the body from the inside out, nullifying regeneration and dealing damage over time.

Beast Roar: An attack used by Carrion normally reserved for taking out a large amount of targets/wiping out a large area. The user fires their intense magic filled aura outwards in a massive beam with properties similar to a particle cannon, Making the attack not only extremely deadly but also incredibly fast. Carrion's all out attack of this was even able to slightly damage Milim Nava a Dragonoid equivalent to a True Dragon as well as an ultimate skill holder despite being only a demon lord seed.