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Arts (技術(アーツ) ātsu) are techniques primarily used by Humans to enable them to have a fighting chance against Monsters. Arts can only be learned by continuous repetition and therefore cannot be learned or obtained via Skills that are capable of absorbing or reproducing Skills or magical knowledge from others.

Known Arts

Battlewill: Turns one's own Aura into Fighting Spirit, strengthening the body.

Modelwill: Enables one to turn Fighting Spirit into offensive magic projectiles or bubbles able to encase objects, magic or materialized Skills within.

Formhide: Enables one to hide one's presence. Proficient users of this Art can even hide from users of Magic Sense and other detection Skills.

Ogre Cannon: Unleashes a large amount of electrical energy.

Airflight: Enables flight by utilizing Magicules.

Hybrid Arts

Magic Aura: Combines the Modelwill Art with Magicules to encase an object, protecting and strengthening it, with the magical aspect enabling it to interact with and harm Spiritual Beings, while the aura aspect bypasses the innate magic-resistance of Demons.

Once the technique has been successfully used once, the user will be granted the Extra Skill: Magic Aura by the Voice of the World making it easier to use it from that point on, since it has been turned into a Skill.

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