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The Armed Nation of Dwargon (武装国家ドワルゴン busō kokka dowarugon?) is the kingdom of dwarves.


A thousand years ago the first generation dwarf hero, King Guran Dwargo, had built this country. To this day, the country had been protecting, as well as developing, its history, culture, and technologies.

As a nation that utilizes free trade, it is the center of trade between all kinds of races. Therefore, the nation keeps a policy of absolute neutrality and violence is not permitted within.

The Eastern Empire also avoided open aggression with Dwargon.

The capital "Central" is a place where humans and monsters mingle. Despite being a nation that specializes in arms dealing, it is not a warmongering nation.

The only times the gate to Central is opened is on the occasions when the army needs to come and go, which usually occurs only once a month, or when they are receiving a state guest. Below the large gate, a small door was installed for the express purpose of letting visitors in and out. The pathway on the right side of the gate is for nobles and other important figures, while the left for everyone else.


Initially, the Kingdom of Falmuth was the only country to be able to sell their goods legally. They were considered a good customer from whom Dwargon earned a large portion of their tax revenue from, but Dwargon had no idea which countries they sold their goods to.

After the rise of the Jura Tempest Federation, Falmuth started losing their trade monopoly with Dwargon and other nations became able to enter Dwargon's market via the highway network built and maintained by Tempest.


The Eastern Empires

Dwargon was able to establish diplomatic relations with the Eastern Empire and so far avoided a potential invasion.

Jura Tempest Federation

After Gazel determined Rimuru Tempest to "not be a malicious being," Tempest and Dwargon built a strong friendly relationship of trade, represented by the highway that was developed between them, as well as their research agreement. King Gazel Dwargo and his government officials have especially great interest in Tempest's Alcohol give that to them it was far better than Farmenas Kingdom (Previously known to be the Farmus Kingdom) Alcohol. This persisted even after Rimuru became a Demon Lord, strongly due to the relationship between them being of trust and the prosperity and security it provided.


The army is divided into 7 corps, tasked with different roles. The three support groups, working behind the scenes, are the engineer corps, logistics corps, and the first-aid corps. The three main groups, acting on the front lines, are the heavy attack corps, the magic attack corps, and the magic support corps. In addition there are the royal guards and Pegasus Riders under the direct control of the king.