Dwargon, officially known as the Armed Nation of Dwargon, is the kingdom of dwarves.


1,000 years had passed since the first generation dwarf hero, King Guran Dwargo, had built this country. To this day, the country had been protecting, as well as developing, its history, culture, and technologies.

As a free trade town, it is the center of trade between all kinds of races. Therefore, the town keeps a policy of absolute neutrality. Within this town, the wise king would not tolerate violence.

Even the Empire in the east avoided open aggression with the military nation Dwargon.

Their capital is a place where humans and monsters mingle. It was truly one of the strangest lands in the world. Not to mention, while the capital positively overflowed with tools of war, it is still a country that is able to enjoy peace.

The fact that the arms dealers’ stronghold is the farthest from causing strife is in a way ironic.

The only times the gate to the city is opened is on the occasions when the army needs to come and go, and only once a month at that, or when they are receiving a state guest. Below the large gate, a small door was installed for the express purpose of letting people in and out. The right-hand side of the pathway is for the likes of nobles and important figures. The left for the common people.

They often dig down into the stone, so most buildings are at most 3 stories tall.


The Kingdom of Falmuth was the only country to sell their goods legally. A good customer where they earned a large portion of their tax revenue from, but Dwargon had no idea which country they sold their goods to.


The Eastern Empires

Dwargon was able to establish diplomatic relations with the Eastern Empire and so avoided a potential invasion. This was due to the military strength and strength of that king certainly has something to do with it.


Since a highway was developed between Dwargon and Tempest. There was no reason not to use it. In addition, if one thinks about this from a military standpoint, Tempest's military might is in no way inferior to the Eastern Empire. Furthermore, damages from monster attacks are gone. And, most importantly Gazel has trust in the Demon Lord Rimuru. Hence, Dwargon officially formally established diplomatic ties with Tempest.


The army is divided into 7 corps, tasked with different roles.

The three support groups, working behind the scenes, are the engineer corps, logistics corps, and the first-aid corps.

The three main groups, acting on the frontlines, are the heavy attack corps, the magic attack corps, and the magic support corps.

And finally, the most important of them all is the royal guards under the direct control of the king.

For the dwarves, who make a living through creating weapons, the beginning of the war is a really good chance to make huge profits.

Their reputation as a military nation is renowned. In battle, a wall of heavy infantry will defend the Army Magic Corps. The opposing enemies will be totally annihilated by the powerful magic attacks before even managing to break through the infantry wall. During the past 1,000 years, the might of the dwarven army that boasted of invincibility had always remained famous.

And the factor which supported their claim was none other than the equipment they produced using their technological strength. The weapons and armors they crafted using these cutting-edge techniques, far surpasses the quality of ordinary goods.

Rather than quarrel with the dwarf race, people chose to create friendly ties. For this reason, even if one were to encounter demons in the dwarf territory, there is hardly anyone who would foolishly cause conflict.

The king's exclusive royal healers are a valuable resource, capable of changing the fate of a nation. Thus they don't take action for the common folk. They are usually tasked with escorting the miners picking for magic ore.

In response to the movements of the Empire in the east, countries all over the world, including our dwarf kingdom, had recently begun preparing for the worst, building up emergency reserves of goods such as medicines. That was why the stocks of curative items on the market were being rapidly exhausted.



  • Dwargon's legal system (from a real-world perspective) is a bit flawed. The trials are such an example; the defendants and the accusers cannot speak unless they are nobles or granted permission by the king. Thus proxies are hired to speak on their behalf; this, however, is quite a terrible idea, as they can be bought by the opposing party and lie about who they are representing.
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