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Arch Daemons (上位魔将(アークデーモン) ākudēmon, lit. "High Rank Demonic General") or Arch Demons (in most translations) are, taking "Lord of Darkness" aside, considered the pinnacle of Daemons. Unofficially confirmed and only existing in a few records, being the evolved form of Greater Daemons, they are considered legendary Monsters.

Within the sphere of the Western Nations, the common sense regarding Arch Daemons is that it's impossible for a Nameless Daemon to be an Arch Daemon. The only way for Arch Daemons to come into existence is supposedly the case where a strong Greater Daemon gets named, evolving into an Arch Daemon. Hence a common question when dealing with Daemons is "does the Daemon have a name?," to ascertain whether the Daemon in question could be an Arch Daemon or not. However, this common belief is completely wrong. The Progenitors, for example, have no problems evolving into Arch Daemons even without a name, and likewise can any "pre-historic" or "Marquis" rank of Daemons forego any such limitations.

It is possible for Greater Daemons to become Arch Daemons just from "the public" unintentionally naming a Greater Daemon based on a legend or tale.


Known Arch Daemons

  • Diablo (formerly, later evolved)
  • Orthos (Killed in Body, Spirit, and Soul by Diablo)
  • Several Subordinates of Guy Crimson
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