"Insect Queen" Apito (アピト Apito) is the Guardian of the 80th floor of the Labyrinth.


It looks like bees. Also remodeled with Rimuru's flesh like Zegion. Later Apito gained a humanoid form after evolution.


According to Rimuru, compared to cold and calculating type Kumara, Apito is naïve and impulsive.

However, Apito never showed any sign of pain during the celebration after the battle with the Eastern Empire. It was an effort to show her dignity as a "Queen."


Apito and Zegion were saved by Rimuru when they were still weak and injured and were thus placed into the labyrinth to protect them. However, Apito became stronger and quickly became a labyrinth boss. Due to both her and Zegion sharing Rimuru's cells (he used his own body's regenerative properties to heal them), he is like a brother to Apito. Rimuru even states that in his opinion Apito is around Hinata levels in strength.[1]

Zegion's Harvest Festival Gift had only one receiver: Apito.[2]



As both of them having Rimuru's Flesh. Apito has a sibling-like relationship with Zegion. She also has a great deal of respect for him. This is shown when he spoke and, instead of speaking over him, was actually shocked and surprised he spoke. She was silent the entire time.[3]

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru is Apito's savior. Having saved her from death by infusing his flesh with her, she has nothing but absolute loyalty and respect for Rimuru. She will even hurt others if they speak ill of her God, "Rimuru."



Ultimate Gift

  • Queen of Worship Valkyrie
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Demon Insect Birthing
    • Demon Insect Domination
    • Ultra Speed Movement
    • Space Control
    • Multi-Layered Barrier

Battle Skills

  • Swarm Command
  • Lethal Attack

Daily Skills


  • Pain Immunity
  • Physical Attack Resistance
  • Natural Elements Resistance
  • Abnormal Status Resistance
  • Mental Attack Resistance



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