Anti-Magic Mask (抗魔の仮面 kōma no kamen) refers to a mask first seen to be owned by Hero Chronoa. It was given to Shizue Izawa to suppress Ifrit, who resided inside her.[1] It was later passed down to Rimuru Tempest upon Shizue's death. Rimuru then gave it to Chloe Aubert as a parting gift after his time as her teacher was over.

While the real mask was in the hands of Chloe, Rimuru was still able to duplicate a working copy of the mask, though Rimuru modified it to only have the Magic Resistance ability in strengthened form, as the other abilities were useless to him.


The mask is a magic item infused with four effects:[2]

  • Magic Resist - dulls any magic attacks that the enemies cast and hide the user's internal magical force.
  • Antidote - nullifies poison that made contact with the user.
  • Breathing Support - allows the user to keep their lungs full even if the flames consumed the oxygen around the user.
  • Amplify Senses - increases the user's senses.

At the end of the battle between Shizue and Black Primordial Noir, the latter suspected that the mask might be capable of suppressing time, a trait he referred to as Infinity.[3]



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