An Anomaly in the Forest is the fifteenth chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.

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Rimuru decides to name the ogres. The ogre princess tries to explain there is risk in that, but Rimuru knows about it and explains its fine.

He wakes up later with the female ogres next to him, but can't recognize them. The leader ogre approaches him and explains that all six ogre had evolved into oni and Rimuru named him Benimaru. Rimuru recalls that he felt loosing consciousness when naming them and is surprised that the ogre turned to oni, which are smaller in physic, but have more inner magic power. The princess introduces himself as Shuna, while the other female oni as Shion. The old ogre became younger, Hakurou. The fifth oni, Souei, comments that its rare for six to evolve into oni and it usually happens to the strongest after many years. The last oni, looks quite similar to his ogre form and is named Kurobe.

Meanwhile, elsewhere the lizardman tribe head receives news that the orc tribe is preparing to attack them. What's more surprising is that the orc's work together and are around 200,000 in numbers. The lizardman's head suspects that a Orc Lord appeared who had managed to gather the orcs. The lizardman's head calls his son for a special mission, who prefers to be called Gabiru, the name he received from Gelmud.

Rimuru wants to Hakurou to train him with the sword, but as he finds his training hard, he decides to take a break, while Hakurou continues to train other goblins. Benimaru comments that an Orc Lord is unique monster that is born each hundred years and is able to take the fear away from his comrades. Benimaru also explains a devil appeared in his village, wanting to name them, but they all refused and chased him away. Benimaru can't remember its name, but Souei comes and tells him its Gelmud. Souei reports that a small group of lizardmen is coming, which is rare for them to come to this lands, but they are also negotiation with the nearby goblin villages and will soon come to their village. Shion arrives to inform them that the lunch is ready and she helped preparing it. Hearing that, Souei runs away and Benimaru explains he will skip it.





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