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Albert is the Vanguard of the 70th floor.


Even after turning into a ghost (which is technically a monster) he still has the same form as when he was alive. His face is described as refreshing.

His body, which he was so attached to and proud of when he was alive, is now constructed of numerous corpses.

His skin is very pale and the blue will-o'-wisp that flies around him, signifying that is still very much dead and a ghost.


He is very loyal to Adalman and Rimuru. He has stayed with Adalman for many hundreds of years in a cave and now lives to serve Rimuru. Both he and Adalman worship Rimuru as their new god.

He seems to be a humble person and does not boast of his strength or ability, though his ability are among the top rank due to his hundreds of years of training.


In the past, they had gone to conduct a purification with goodwill to prevent the outbreak of a large-scale dead-spirits disaster on the battlefield in the Great Jura Forest.

In doing so, Priest Adalman, Holy Knight Commander Albert and three holy knights had gone together, but they had encountered an unexpected situation.

When they had arrived at the battlefield's remains, a Zombie Dragon an atrocious monster was living there. Although they had succeeded in defeating the Zombie Dragon after a desperate fight, they had used up all of their strength there.

There was no one to come rescue them since they hadn't acted on the orders of the church but based on their own convictions. Thus, their fate was sealed, but their hearts, which wished for the peace of the Great Jura Forest caused a miracle.

Albert's group transformed into ghosts after receiving the curse of the dead, and a large amount of magic essence. However, with their strong willpower, Priest Adalman and Holy Knight Commander Albert succeeded in keeping their egos.

Albert changed into a Death Paladin and chose to stay inside a cave with Adalman.


He is one of the best if not the best swordsmen around given that he has trained for the past several hundred years.

Albert has fully integrated himself under Adalman. His soul is a part of Adalman, his physical body can never be destroyed, unless Adalman dies.

Ultimate Gift


  • Calgurio's God Class Armor and Weapon (received from Rimuru Tempest after his Sword and armor was destroyed by Krishna).


He was assigned as the vanguard of the 60th floor.

Albert defeated Arnaud and his holy knights during their training run through the labyrinth by himself through combining his sword techniques and his monster specs. After Albert trained Arnaud and his Knights Templar they were able to make it past the 60th floor.

Later Adalman and Albert defeat Shinjy, Mark, and Zhen even though they were high A rank adventurers.

After Rimuru learned of their improvement in their skills he moved them to the 70th floor.

He was defeated by Krishna when his sword was shattered by Krishna's legend Class Armor and thus did not feel worthy of receiving a gift from Rimuru upon completion of the battle. However, Rimuru gave him Calgurio's God Class Armor and Weapon in such a way that he could not say no. The armor which is said to choose its master easily accepted Albert as a competent master.


Ch. Evolution Stage Trigger for


Rank EP New Skills/Abilities
145 Holy Knight Commander


Death Paladin Battle with Zombie Dragon A Battle
190 Evolution of Adalman & granted God-tier equipment by Rimuru A+


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