To lower our god, Rimuru-sama…… To the level of a simple demon!?! Even stating that we…… must die! No bushi would sit idly listening to her master(Rimuru) get insulted, fool! But, then again. My role is more of a retainer for my master(Carrera). To think I would be that agitated by the words of such small fry……I have much to learn……




Agera acts as the voice of reason for Carrera, as well as for her fellow lieutenant Esprit, who also serves under Carrera. Therefore, Agera is calm most of the time. However, since she, like all of Rimuru's subordinates, is extremely loyal and devoted to their master, a single insult of Rimuru is enough to drive her into a rage for a short time. She is also angry if anyone insults her or her boss Carrera due to her prideful nature as a Demon, though to a lesser degree. 

Possibly due to her previous life's influence, Agera carries the air of a samurai.


It is speculated by Agera herself that she may have been a son of human male samurai in her previous life.[1]

Currently, she is one of Carrera's lieutenants alongside Esprit.


With the assistance of Hakurou, they teach the four children: Kenya, Ryouta, Alice, and Gale in the Labyrinth.


Possibly due to her previous life's influence, Agera can utilize Battoujutsu - the technique of drawing the sword out of scabbard to slash at the enemy. 

  • Battoujutsu:
    • Yaezakura Hakkasen (Sword Art: Double Cherry Eight Petals Flash)

Unique Skills

  • Perceiver - allow the user to observe and study the enemy while letting the user know how to use their strength effectively to defeat their enemy.[1]


Clash of Dragons and Demons Arc



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