My master (Rimuru)! Were you able to witness it? Our victory is for your sake!!

‘Ghost King' Adalman

"Gehenna Lord" Adalman ["冥霊王"(ゲヘナロード) アダルマン, "Meiryou Ou"(G e h e n a R o o d o) Adaruman] is the guardian of the sixtieth floor in Ramiris’ Labyrinth. He made Rimuru his new "god," after being transformed into an Undead King. Albert is his confidant.

He is also on Rimuru's Twelve Patrons.


He is very proud and when he was defeated by Krishna, he refused to accept the opportunity to evolve into a demon lord.

He is also extremely loyal to Rimuru and wishes to become better and stronger for him. Like many others subordinates of Rimuru, he reveres him as his God.

He is extremely intelligent (ironically since he has no brain).

He is dedicated and kind, he trained Arnaud for several months just to help him.


He has the appearance of a ghost and has no actual physical body. His appearance is made up of mere bones, which is quite pleasing to him. Though he is described as having meatless lips, so perhaps there is the appearance of some flesh.

Adalman after possessing Wenti during the battle against Dagrule, his appearance change to that of a young man with black hair, clad in jet-black priest clothes. A Youth figure of his older self, though there were some differences like a change in hair color, etc.[1]


Adalman was once a prince. His hometown was one of the many province states under the rule of the Holy Empire Ruberios.

These countries had no army. They relied on the Templar Knight Order sent out by the central Saints Church to protect their lands.

It was at the cost of having to uphold the Rumina sect as their national religion and supply the knight order with both talented labor and monetary fund.

At the time, the Western Saints Church were not as influential as it is now and the Holy Knight Order has yet to be formed. The ones who excelled in the field would be rewarded the honorable knight title of the Templar Knight. It was a title that can not be passed on in generation. Under such circumstance at the time, Adalman was one of these talented individuals that was elected.

His brother inherited the throne and gave birth to the new heir. Due to such conditions, Adalman became more diligent in promoting the Ruminas sect.

He started his new career by joining the Western Saints Church that promotes the Ruminas sect. Adalman was charmed by the deity and believed Ruminas with all his heart. Ruminas is the great god, and Adalman never once held doubt against his god. That is why he obtained the archbishop skill「Miracle」and became one of the few masters of 「Holy Magic」. He was able to climb to the highest position within the Western Saint Church and became a Cardinal Deacon, yet his position within the Holy Empire Ruberios was still not very high.

In order to get to a higher place of power, he didn’t limit himself to「Holy Magic」, he even began to learn other magics. He often discussed, practiced magic with his friend then, Gedora in hopes of becoming stronger. His hard work was finally rewarded, as Adalman was able to become a Sage. With this power in hand, Adalman was able to move up the ladder of power to assume the role of Cardinal Priest. Adalman devoted himself to studying magic and was one more step before reaching peak human performance and becoming Saint.

Someone finally summoned him to the Inner sanctum on the Spirit Mountain, and yet Adalman was betrayed by Ruminas. To be more precise, he was played by the higher-ups of the Ruminas sect. The Seven Celestial Sages ordered him to contaminate the massive wave of undead causing calamity for the people. Not knowing the other side intends to push him to the abyss of death, Adalman went to the edge of Great Jura Forest without any concern, the location where he resides today. There, a massive amount of undead monsters and their Zombie Dragon leader awaited Adalman.

Adalman’s close ally and friend——Holy Templar Knight Albert fought with him alongside four other knights and an expedition army who all admired Adalman. Yet in the end, they exhausted themselves in battle and died on this land.

Adalman died once. But at the time, his other friend Gedora casted the secret technique of「Reincarnation」on him to successfully revive him. However, the foul spirits of the land corrupted him and the curse of the dead bonded him. The reincarnated Adalman did not turn into a human, instead, he became an undead that looks like a skeleton.

Demon Lord Kazaream saw the talent of Adalman the undead, which is why he cursed him and bound him to that land, to be a subordinate of Clayman. Adalman would then be in charge of the defense force of Clayman’s nation, cursed to protect it from incoming invaders.


During the war between Jura Tempest Federation against Demon Lord Clayman, Adalman battled against Shuna. During the battle, Shuna managed to defeat and purify Adalman's curse giving him freedom once more. Adalman admires Shuna's faith and wishes to serve the same God, pledging his alliance to Rimuru Tempest.

Adalman would later be assigned to guard the 60th floor of the Labyrinth, together with Albert and the Undead Dragon.

He helped with the research and got along very well with the vampires and Ruminas. He was able to learn and improve the Day-Night Inversion. So, Ruminas taught him Holy-Demonic Inversion.

Albert defeated Arnaud during his and his holy knight's training run through the labyrinth. After Albert trained Arnaud for several months and his holy knights they were able to make it past the 60th floor.

Later they defeated Shinjy, Mark, and Zhen even though they were high A rank adventurers.

After Rimuru learned of their improvement in their skills he moved them to the 70th floor.

He was defeated by Reiha and Krishna and thus did not feel worthy of receiving a gift of evolution to Demon Lord. However, he received the title of 'Gehenna Lord' instead.


  • He can summon endless amounts of Ghost Knights and Ghost Wolves. He can also summon a Death Dragon.
  • Holy-Demonic Inversion: The holy attribute is reversed into the demonic attribute and vice versa.
  • Has the abilities of a Necromancer.
  • Possessing: Ghosts that have temporary influence in the physical world can perform possession if there's no resisting it would certainly succeed. The only problem being that it was unknown if whether or not they could separate from the possessed body.
  • Undead Magic

Immortal Legion: The highest level forbidden spell of Undead Magic which uses the dead soldiers and transforms them regardless of whether they were allies or enemies into Undead soldiers faithful to their Master's command.

  • Holy Magic

Ultimate Gift

  • Book of Magic Necronomicon
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Chant Annulment
    • Seeker of Truth
    • Total Analysis
    • All of Creation
    • Mental Destruction

Daily Skills

  • Universal Perception
  • Demon Lord's Haki

Battle Skills

  • Holy-Demonic Reversal
  • Manipulation of the Dead
  • Instant Death: He can kill his target just by looking. Failure to resist means instant death.


  • Physical Attack Immunity
  • Mental Attack Immunity
  • Abnormal Status Immunity
  • Natural Elements Resistance
  • Hybrid Attack Resistance


-Instant Death

Ch. Evolution Stage Trigger for


Rank EP New Skills/Abilities
145 Priest
Undead King Battle with Zombie Dragon A 100,000+ Battle Summon:

- Endless Ghost Knights

- Endless Ghost Wolves

- Death Dragon (Wenti)

146 Taught by Ruminas Battle Holy-Demonic Inversion
190 Death Spirit Received 100,000 souls by Rimuru Special


1,000,000+ Battle


Rimuru Tempest




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