Abiru (アビル Abiru) is the chieftain of the Lizardmen who rules the marshlands of the Jura Forest. He is the father of Gabiru and Souka.


Like the rest of his kind, he resembles an anthropomorphic lizard. He dons long hair and wears what appears to be a crown that resembles horns with a gem in the center. He also wears a large cloak and a man skirt.

After being named by Rimuru, he gains a more youthful appearance.

In the anime, the color of his skin changes from green to purple.


He has a bold personality, but with enough humility.

He is a serious person, but he also has many good qualities about him and is a good leader.


The lizardman head is the father of Gabiru And souka.

He keeps 100 warriors stationed around him at all times.

He owned the Water Vortex Spear.

He loves his people so much that he remained captive rather than harm them.

He is very wise and understood the danger of the Orc Lord and the effect of his abilities.


Forest Disturbance Arc

The Lizardman head was very disturbed to discover his fears of the appearance of the Orc Lord were true.

The Lizardman Head sent Gabiru to recruit Goblins to serve in their army against the Orcs.

He could immediately recognize the power of Souei when he came to negotiate the terms of their alliance when the surrounding soldiers could not. Where he was instructed to defend themselves in their fortified castle, but not to attack and Rimuru would arrive in five days.

During the battle, the Lizardman Head understood that every lizardman that died would result in the orcs gaining strength. So he ordered all injured lizardmen to be removed from the front lines. However, on the fourth day, the Lizardman Head was overthrown by his son Gabiru. The Head sent out the Guard Captain to alert Rimuru about what happened. Then the head was detained and locked in an underground chamber.

Once the orcs began to press their way into the underground chamber he orders his soldiers to fight to the death to allow for the women and children to escape. At that moment Souei showed up and saved them.

He differed all judgment and reparations to Rimuru who's army were the sole reason for victor that day.

Upon completion of the battle, Gabiru was imprisoned. The normal sentence for treason would have been the death sentence, but instead, he exiles Gabiru and forbids him from calling himself a Lizardman. However he simultaneously gifted Gabiru the Water Vortex Spear.

Founding the Demon Capital Arc

He went to swear his loyalty to Rimuru for his ascension into Demon Lord and taking the Great Jura Forest as his domain. He was given the name Abiru. He then swore upon this name, his loyalty to Rimuru.


When he became the leader, his intelligence increased.

When Rimuru bestowed him a name quite a large amount of divine protection was given to him.

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