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Carrera, Testarossa and Ultima

So out of the three of them, who is actually the strongest. Carrera posses the ability to warp gravity and I will ignore her god tier gun for the moment. Testarossa uses a instant death wave with a 99.99% chance of death with a small chance a person may survive. Ultima mesnwhile uses a large fireball or supernova? I'm not really sure as in the WN, she basically wiped out the entire airfleet just by blowing one up at the start of the battle. Naturally the three have very different abilities and after they evolved to Demon Kings, they were capable of challenging Diablo who was a Demon God at the time if it was 3v1. So really out of the three of them, who stands at the top and speaking of that. Is it possible for the three of them to reach Demon God like Diablo with Rimuru's help or are they stuck where they're at now.

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• 23h

Who is the strongest afterall?

there is so many strong individuals. judging them by ranking is not wise choise.

my opinion would be of course, Rimura

whats yours?

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• 2d

Food for thoughts

Do you guys think that since Chloe and Leon become demi-gods, they have the capabilities to attain godhood? Possible to surpass even Guy? Its just one of those what ifs situations.

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• 4d

Rimuru Tempest Vs. Guy Crimson and Chloe O'Bell

Now before you make your mind on your decision, lets see what both Guy and Chloe is up against in a 2v1 situation. This would be the most edge of your seat type battle, especially if it was a fight to the death. Now we are going to compare the powers of Rimuru Tempest after the Yuuki fight has finished and 8 years has past to their powers. As 8 years has passed, this time around Rimuru has fully master Veldanava skills he got from devouring Yuuki. Not only that but he grew his immeasurable EP even more over the years. Rimuru has the ability to use ANY skills. He also has the ability to create anything. Rimuru can use infinite generation of mana, the ability to control Stardust and Nihility energy. Has the ability to travel between space, his Sword is Genesis class, acquired Evil Dragon Lord Azi Dahaka and can most likely stop time for a very long time. He can stop time enough for time rewinding abilities to not work and he can use Primitive Magic when time is stopped. He also has a Manas which increases his power even more altogether. There is most likely some more stuff I am missing but it's enough to get the point across of what they're both going up against. Now here comes Chloe, who can rewind time enough so that fatal damage or mistakes can be fully avoided. You have her master class swordsmanship which almost no one can rival. Chloe also has a Manas, is a Demi God, uses a God class sword and her newly found power that allows her to go beyond the world laws. Lastly we have Guy Crimson, the unannounced Demon God. Guy has fought both battles with Velzado and Veldanava even though he never won against Veldanava, he is still consider to be the second strongest behind Rimuru. He has many abilities that he had copy but can't officially use them to their full extent but can still use a okay percentage of the abilities. Guy seems to have a good swordsmanship enough to keep up with Chloe. Guy has the ability to conjure up any existing object. His sword World is God class, he can switch between both combat and calculation mode which his calculation mode gives him Godspeed calculation. So you choose if Rimuru can come out alive.

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• 2/13/2019
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• 2/12/2019

True Demon Lords skill The "Demon Lord's Ambition(Haki)"

Is it true or has it been confirm that the skill has the ability to manipulate madness? Has anyone ever seen or heard it can do such things? Has it been explained what it can do and the extent of it? For examples if and or since it has Madness manipulation, it can make someone die of madness. Can anybody confirm that?

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• 2/10/2019
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• 1/31/2019

Rimuru's Nuetrality

Was Rimuru's non sexuality a consideration due to him being the new deity in this world, based on Veldanava's fate?

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• 1/29/2019
L'auteur de That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime avoue qu'il n'avait aucune idée du scénario avant le deuxième tome
L'auteur de That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime avoue qu'il n'avait aucune idée du scénario avant le deuxième tome Anime News Network
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• 1/29/2019
That Time We Partied Like a Slime!
That Time We Partied Like a Slime! Crunchyroll
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• 1/24/2019

Shouldn't we start changing some old skill name page to the official translation?

Since the Light Novel has been picked up by Yen Press, many skill name or races has been translated differently than the fan-translation of the Web Novel. Because it's the official one, should we not start using those names instead? I mean changing them all would probably take a while but the official TL is still on Vol 4 so there shouldn't be *too much* change.

Example of this would be a page I change just earlier:

from Multiple Barrier(Fan) --> Multilayer Barrier(Official)

Or Area Boundary(Fan) --> Ranged Barrier(Official)

Shouldn't we start changing some old skill name page to the official translation?
  • Agree, change it to official translation.
  • Disagree, the fan translation is better.
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• 1/23/2019

Is Shizu actually Lucia's Reincarnation?

I've been sort of curious for awhile if Shizu was in fact Lucia's reincarnation or not.

Lucia possessed Wisdom King Raphael and this has caused many to assume that Rimuru has some connection to her because he obtained the same skill. But I'm wondering if the reason he obtained Raphael was because of Shizu's Deviant skill that fused with Great Sage to form Wisdom King Raphael. In short, it was Shizu who caused Raphael to appear in Rimuru, not Rimuru. To me, that would solve the whole is Rimuru is Valdanava or Lucia confusion. As it could mean Shizu was Lucia, and Rimuru is Valdanava, and what the Dark Elf said was true and they are actually soulmates. The Great Sage yearned for development and the Deviant skill fusion gave it, but could it be that Shizu's consciousness somehow mixed with the Great Sage, hence why it specifically became Wisdom King Raphael specifically, since Shizu in this scenario is Lucia? Could it be that is why the "ego" of Wisdom King became "Ciel" and referenced "herself" as Rimuru's "Legal Wife"?

Just curious what other's perspectives on this would be.

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• 1/17/2019

Rimuru the compassionate killer

Interesting article by a Crunchyroll writer... those who know events beyond the anime may want to yell at the article, but still worth reading.


Rimuru: The Compassionate Killer
Rimuru: The Compassionate Killer Crunchyroll
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• 1/14/2019

Anime News

Not wiki-related, but relevant nonetheless. According to the official website, episode 23 will be the finale. Episode 24 will be an original side story depicting the encounter between Shizu and Diablo. Then another episode about 'Veldora diary' will air the following week.

I'm curious to see where the anime will end. Related reddit thread here.

3月の放送展開を発表! – TVアニメ「転生したらスライムだった件」公式サイト
3月の放送展開を発表! – TVアニメ「転生したらスライムだった件」公式サイト TVアニメ「転生したらスライムだった件」公式サイト
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• 1/9/2019

Rimuru's current age

Shouldn't Rimuru's current age be written as uncountable or unknown (by the end of the web novel and since he lived until the End of Time and Space)?

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• 1/3/2019


How strong is gobuta by the end of the series

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• 1/2/2019

Regarding the name Kumara

Hey..I just saw an image uploaded by Toji-san named Kurama in Kumara's section. So I just thought that shouldn't her name be Kurama since that is the japanese word mainly used in anime for a Demon fox (Nine-tailed fox??...lol) & when I searched the meaning of Kumara on Google, it showed Sweet Potato. So should we change her name..?

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• 1/1/2019

English LN Release Schedule

Why are the release dates for the next volumes of the English LN so far in the future if the Japanese source material has been completed? Also, why is the release schedule comparable to the release schedule of the original Japanese LN, when the revised story (already altered from WN) is complete?

Do not misunderstand, I understand that translation, punctuation, final editing in new language still take time, but shouldn’t it be significantly faster if the story (characters, plot, dialogue) has already been finalized in Japanese LN? Are the stories actually different between translation, or is it due to money?

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• 12/31/2018

Which format do you think we should use for characters' infoboxes

  • Light Novel, Anime and Manga
  • Anime, Light Novel and Manga
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• 12/30/2018
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